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06 Mar 2020

Train for a new career as a Driver Manager

Pickfords, the UK’s largest and best known removals company is recruiting Driver Move Controllers. Pickfords is an equal opportunities employer and is encouraging applicants from both men and women who want to enter the removals industry.

As a Driver Move Controller you will use your driving and management skills to lead and manage a motivated team. This role requires a combination of driving experience, leadership, physical fitness and a dedication to excellent customer service. Our Driver Controllers are the first port of contact for our clients when we move a home or business.

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So if you are a professional driver, or looking to redirect your career, contact Pickfords to discuss this role. We will train you to be a professional driver and will develop your management and customer service skills and prepare you for a new, exciting career in the removals industry.

Pickfords is an equal opportunities employer. Our roles are open to anyone regardless of age, gender or background.