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In case of fire: goods storage

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It is extremely rare for fires to occur, but nonetheless the unexpected can happen. To minimise the chance of fire your storage company should ensure that the following items are not permitted on site:

  • Combustible or flammable materials e.g. gas bottles (including empty bottles), aerosol cans, paints, petrol, oil or cleaning solvents
  • Pollutants, toxic waste or contaminated goods e.g. asbestos and batteries
  • Any items emitting any fumes, odour or smell e.g. tyres and perfumed goods
  • Firearms, weapons, ammunitions or explosives, including fireworks.

On visiting your self storage facility toy should be shown the nearest exit from your unit and the nearest evacuation point. If the fire alarm sounds:

  • Leave the building immediately using the signed escape routes
  • Do not block any fire exits with trolleys or goods
  • Do not use the lifts
  • Go to the Assembly Point and await a member of staff or the emergency services
  • Only use the fire escape doors in an emergency
  • If you see other people as you exit, please ask them to leave the building with you

Fire Insurance can be purchased to increase the level of cover provided for your goods - ask your storage provider about the policies they offer.

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