Covid-19: New safety procedures

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COVID-19 Guidance for Customers

Due to the unprecedented situation with regard to the spread of the Covid-19 virus, the removal industry has had to review its operational procedures in order to protect both customers and employees from the risk of infection and to ensure that the risk of spreading the virus in minimised.

As part of this review, the industry has drawn up guidelines which have been endorsed by various professional bodies, organisations, and the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government. The guidelines reflect the shared responsibility we all have to take steps to limit the risk of the virus spreading.

There are practical things that you can do to assist us during your move.

Contactless Video Survey

We will offer you a free, contactless survey of your home via your smartphone. This will enable us to determine the volume of your goods to be moved and create a quote.

In home visit

In the event that a sales visit is necessary, we would request that only one member of the household is present.

We would ask that if the occupants of your property are in a high-risk category, have a chronic medical condition, or underlying health issues, you should arrange for the vulnerable to be absent from the property or appoint someone else to be present in your place.

Our sales representative will wear a mask during the sales visit and we would ask that you wear a face covering as well, if social distancing is not possible within the property.

If you are feeling unwell before the visit or showing symptoms prior the sales visits we would ask you to call the office and either reschedule the sales visit or arrange a video survey.

Covid-19 risk assessment

Please be aware that, however we carry out the survey, in person or by video app, we will carry out a full risk assessment of your move which will include asking you some questions about the underlying health of the occupants of your property. This will help us assess the risk and create a personal move plan to suit you.

Preparation for moving day

Our terms and conditions already provide that the goods to be moved must be in a clean and hygienic condition ready for removal. This requirement is even more important in the current circumstances.

Please ensure that surfaces have been cleaned with household cleaning products prior to the crew entering the property.

All internal and external doors should be cleaned.

If you are carrying out your own packing we would ask that this is fully completed so the goods are ready to be loaded.
Make sure that only one member of the family is in attendance on the moving day.

Please ensure that there are no other trades people at the collection and/delivery address during the removal so the number of people in the premises at any one time is kept to a minimum. This must include friends and visitors.

If you are feeling unwell before moving day or showing symptoms we would ask you to call the office as soon as possible.

On move day

If you are feeling unwell on moving day or showing symptoms we would ask you to call the office as soon as possible. Please do not let the crew into the property if you are feeling unwell.

On arrival and before any work commences the team leader will update the risk assessment form for the move and ask you some questions.

If the crew has reasonable concerns that; you or someone in your home are showing signs of being unwell, social distancing is not being observed, the goods or the property is not clean or hygienic or their health and safety is being compromised in any way then they will be withdrawn without any liability to Pickfords.

We will conduct wellness checks with our operational teams to ensure that they are not suffering from a high temperature prior to arriving at your property.

Our crews will be wearing PPE to reduce the risk of transmission.  

If your move requires more than a two man crew, the third team member will arrive on separate transport rather than place three men in the confined space of a vehicle.

The crew will observe social distancing with you but where this is not possible we ask you to wear a face covering.

It is recommended that windows and doors to the property should be kept open to assist with ventilation. 

Your move plan

  • We will discuss your removal with you ahead of move day to understand the layout of your new property.It would be helpful to see a floor plan if you have a copy on record from the sale or rental of your property.
  • Our operational managers will create a move plan which observes social distancing guidelines for the team, which will be adhered to by the team leader.
  • Move Plans will include identification of rooms at your new property.
  • On Move Day your team leader will discuss the move with you while observing social distancing measures.
  • We will ask you to either vacate the property or, if not possible, to remain in one room or agree social distancing measures, remaining 2 metres away from the removal team. If there is no alternative but to be in the property we encourage you to wear a face covering for your and your operational team’s protection.
  • Hygiene is the first defence for the virus, so we will ask you to co-operate by agreeing that the removal team has access to washing facilities so team members can wash their hands frequently throughout your move. The team will supply soap.
  • The removal team will also be provided with sanitiser so they can maintain strict hygiene levels while driving and will sanitise the door handles and steering wheels of the removal vehicle throughout the day.
  • Our teams will not ask you to make tea, but will bring their own beverage to ensure that you do not share facilities.
  • Documentation such as inventories will be e-mailed to you at the completion of the move by the office.

At delivery

  • At your delivery address, the team will confirm the layout of your property.
  • Following the placement of furniture and cartons, the team will ask you to view the delivery property while the operational team vacate the property.
  • If there are changes to be made, these will be agreed with the team.
  • The team will leave delivery paperwork at a spot to be agreed with you and will ask you to use your own pen for the signature.

For your reassurance

Our removal teams have had instruction on how to maximise protection while working within the close quarters of your home to ensure your safety. This includes safe use of PPE, frequent washing of hands and sanitising vehicles, and the washing of uniforms daily at high temperatures.

If you have any concerns regarding the conduct of any members of the crew then please ring your designated move manager to discuss your concern and the matter will be dealt with immediately.

Thank you for co-operating with these new procedures, we look forward to moving you safely to your new home.

This methodology is in line with guidance from Her Majesty’s Government and our trade association The British Association of Removers.

Infographic about Moving Safely in 2020
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Covid 19: New safety procedures for our customers and removal teams

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