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Planning is at the heart of any successful workplace change project. We aim to understand your business goals so that we ensure our proposal meets the needs of your business.

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IT relocation is pivotal to the success of your business move. We understand that your IT and telecommunications systems are vital to your working day, so our experts will work with your internal department or appointed supplier to ensure a seamless move and to minimise the disruption and downtime of your business.

We know how complex IT relocation can be and that it takes very careful planning, movement and testing to ensure a successful business relocation.

Our experts begin this process by compiling user data information and testing of systems prior to disconnection. Our IT relocation experts will plan the phasing of the re-connection of your IT and telecoms equipment in line with your departmental and business needs.

Our packing materials have been specially designed for IT relocation projects to ensure the safe transit of your systems. Pickfords Business Solutions uses air-ride vehicles to maximise safety and the protection of your IT and telecommunications equipment.

If you would like assistance with your IT relocation, request a quote now. Additionally, check our our range of business moving services to see how else we can help you.

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