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How your business moves work

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If you're planning to begin the process of business relocation, here's everything you need to think about before you move

Planning for success

Planning is at the heart of any successful office or business move.

Agreeing your objectives for your office move

At an initial consultation, we aim to understand your goals so that we ensure our proposal meets the needs of your business and your management team.

Understanding your employees’ needs

During the planning phase we aim to clearly understand the needs of your employees and will plan to make the process of moving your office or business as easy as possible for each individual and department.

Identifying inter-departmental dependencies

Good communication is essential for a successful relocation, so we identify how departments interact and our plan will ensure continuity throughout, minimising downtime for critical functions.

Your move plan

We will create a tailor-made move plan for your office move, detailing the work schedule, IT and operational resources, health and safety requirements and service standards. This project manual is designed to ensure we meet your agreed objectives and manage the risk to your business.

Contingency planning

Part of your move plan will detail contingency plans for your office move to ensure that, should unforeseen circumstances occur, all parties involved are prepared for them and can take appropriate action.

Preparing your employees

We will create an individually tailored communication programme to manage your employees’ expectations during the office move.

Pickfords is a regular entrant, nominee and one-time winner of the BAR Commercial Mover of the Year award.

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