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Flagship storage facility

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Pickfords’ flagship storage facility in North West London is home to Europe’s largest, unmanned, fire-safe warehouse.

The warehouse is a unique facility with capacity for over 1,800 20ft containers. The warehouse covers the equivalent floor space of 14 tennis courts and is completely automated, unmanned and operates in an eerie half-light.

Lack of manpower means the warehouse doesn’t have to be heated or lit. It also works through the night, moving steel containers backwards and forwards to a schedule controlled by a unique computer system.

Security is high on the list of features; the Wembley facility has 24-hour security and CCTV. The containers are fireproof and automatically seal the doors and floors in the unlikely event of a fire.

Find out more about Europe's largest fire safe warehouse; contact us and speak to a knowledgeable member of staff today.

Pickfords flagship storage facility
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