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Relocating a server is a complex process, and it is essential that you consider backup technology to keep your business running during the often problematic time of powering down a server.

Why consider a virtual server?

If you attempt to relocate your server and there are problems when it powers back up following a shutdown, you may have to order a new box, which will take time to be delivered. Your company would be left without its essential IT system for this period. 

The new box may not be compatible with your existing software, which may cause further delays.

Pickfords' virtual server

Pickfords can provide a virtual server, installed at your location, will back up your essential data prior to the powering down of your server. The virtual server can run alongside your existing server for a few weeks.

The virtual server is relocated ahead of your main server and powered up, ensuring continuity for your business. The new server can then be relocated. The virtual server is a cost effective solution and can be left for two weeks following the relocation, as back up.

A cost effective business continuity solution

A virtual server is an inexpensive solution; you can protect your business during the disruption of a workplace change project for as little as £5,000.

Contact Pickords now for more information about our virtual server service. Also, check out our business relocation page for more information about how we can help you with your move.

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