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Desktop relocation from Pickfords Business Solutions includes a full decommission and recommission service:


This important function is common to most business relocations. A specialist IT team will phase the disconnection and re-connection of your vital desktop computer and telecommunications equipment. The service includes the checking of machines for labels to ensure the correct convention is used, removing cabling from the network as well as all networked devices and peripherals.

The PC and monitor will be protected during the move by antistatic wrapping materials or covers.


At your new location, our team check the positioning of the PC relating to the desk on the space plan and reconnect the PC to the network and peripherals. If required, our IT team will patch in the network cable to the appropriate patch point on the floor or to the wall, following a patching plan.

Our specialists will switch on the machines, log in using a guest ID and check connectivity to the network to ensure your employees are connected on their first day in their new location.

Network patching and auditing

For companies who undertake internal relocations on a regular basis, Pickfords Business Solutions will keep your network infrastructure documentation up to date and patch panels to help you save time and conserve your resources.

Check our our business relocation page for more information about how we can help you with your move.

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