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The relocation of a main server is highly technical and requires specialist knowledge of the technology, combined with business relocation expertise. The consequences of not relocating this vital and delicate equipment correctly can be the complete disruption of your business, loss of business during the down-time and additional costs to resolve the issues.

Pickfords Business Solutions works with server and data relocation specialists to ensure this important part of your business relocation is carried out seamlessly as part of your overall move.

Our server and data relocation services includes:

  • Complete audit and consultation with your IT management team
  • Photographic documentation of your server setup to establish cabling configuration
  • Identification of new equipment to be procured
  • Rationalisation of redundant equipment
  • Creation of execution plan, integrated at the time of your move
  • Creation of layout for server cabinet at new location
  • Safe and secure relocation of server using padded IT equipment and crates
  • Transition of server via air ride suspension vehicles to ensure complete security
  • Reconnection the server at new location prior to powering up
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