Best places to live in Australia

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Sydney harbour australia


Sydney is Australia’s most populous city and offers an exciting prospect for a new life down under. Whilst you may have to put up with some traffic and a higher cost of living compared to some other Australian locations, there are loads of positives about moving to Sydney. These include:

  • Employment: Sydney is one of the leading cities for business in Australia. It acts as a hub for international businesses from all around the globe.
  • A city with a beach: Who wouldn't enjoy finishing work and then heading down to the beach for drink or a game of beach volleyball? Sydney is right on the waterfront meaning you get to enjoy the best of both worlds - city and beach life.
  • Weather: Sydney benefits from the stereotypical hot & sunny weather you’re probably dreaming of when thinking about relocating to Australia. Thanks to the sea, there are also many pleasant cool breezes to provide relief on those days where temperatures soar.
  • Family life: Perhaps surprisingly for such a large city, life in Sydney is very family-orientated, particularly in the suburbs. It actually makes a fantastic place to settle into family life!


Melbourne is the coastal capital of Victoria, an Australian state in the southeast, and it is also the second most populous city in the country. The weather is better suited to Brits as it's generally cooler than other parts of Australia and you won't typically get the soaring highs in the summer months. Other benefits include:

  • Sports: If you're into sports then Melbourne is the place for you. Whether you're a tennis enthusiast or your into football - there 
  • Things to do: There are endless activities to keep you occupied in Melbourne. Whether you like to explore museums & galleries, see live music, shop till you drop, or amble through nature, you’ll never be bored here!
  • Day trips: Melbourne has developed a kind of ‘day trip culture’ of its own. Examples of the exciting day trips on offer include island hopping adventures, hikes through spectacular nature, and wine tasting vineyard trips!


Australia’s third most populous city is Brisbane, the capital of Queensland. If you love the heat then you'll be a fan of Brisbane. Summer temperatures can get high and if you're not used to the heat you may find it slightly uncomfortable. Perks of moving to Brisbane include:

  • Warm winters: Whilst summers can be a bit sticky, you don't have to worry about cold winters! With an average of over 280 days of sunshine annually, you can kiss goodbye to cold, grey winters. There's a reason it's located next to the Sunshine Coast!
  • Beach lifestyle: What better way to spend endless sunny days than visiting some of the most beautiful beaches in the country? Brisbane is known for being perfectly situated amongst some of Australia’s most gorgeous beaches, so you’ll be spoilt for choice!
  • Lower cost of living: In Brisbane, you'll find much lower prices than you ever would in Melbourne or Sydney, especially when it comes to property.


Perth sits on the west coast of Australia and offers a great option for Brits in terms of climate. It typically mirrors a Mediterranean climate. Hot summers and cooler Winters. However you won't often see grey skies in Perth. It has the highest average daily sunshine hours in Australia! Other perks include:

  • Fast growing economy: Perth offers a lot of opportunities especially in the world of tech. It's proximity to Asia means it's quickly becoming a hub for business.
  • Surrounded by nature: Perth boasts lots of lovely city parks but also a plethora of nature activities in the surrounding areas. These include hiking, wildflower walking, mountain biking, whale watching and more!
  • Beautiful beaches: When you're not working you can head to some of the beautiful, pristine beaches Perth has to offer.

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