Best places to live in France

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Removals to France
France is an increasingly popular destination for British expats, with over 20,000 moving over the English Channel every year – and we’re not surprised. This beautiful country has so much to offer, from the divine range of culinary delights to a much more relaxed, slower pace of life.  

Here is a list of our favourite French destinations: 

1. Paris: Best for nightlife 

This wouldn’t be a ‘best places to live in France’ blog post, without Paris featuring at number one. If you are looking to move somewhere with a buzzing nightlife scene, then Paris is the place for you. Dubbed as the ‘City of Lights’, you can find over 4,316 bars and an extensive number of clubs, which line the illuminated streets. 

Paris is also, undeniably, a huge cultural hub. From going to the opera and visiting art galleries, to mime acts and other street performances, you will never get bored of this city. You can also get lost in the many historical, cultural attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Pompidou Centre, Arc De Triomphe and many, many more.  

If partying in a place oozing with French culture sounds appealing to you, then why not give this incredible city a go!  

2. Montpellier: Best for families 
When moving abroad with a family, you want to make sure you move somewhere which is perfect for everyone and Montpellier could be your best bet. The city is home to many bilingual schools, both at primary and secondary level, making it much easier for children to settle into their new home and pick up the language at their own pace.  

There is also plenty to do in Montpellier, from museums, art galleries, botanical gardens and incredible beaches, so the children will always be kept busy. As well as lots to do, the city is also a very safe place and transportation links are also very efficient.  

If you’re looking to move to France with a young family, make sure you check out Montpellier.

3. Dordogne: Best for retirement
With over 59% of Dordogne’s population being British expats, there is clearly no better place in the world to retire to. This region of France is home to some of the most affordable housing prices in the country and there is a home for everyone here, from very simplistic flats to traditional farm houses and quaint little cottages.  

If exploring and learning is on your agenda for when you retire, you will be well and truly spoilt for choice.  There are many historical buildings which are well worth a visit, such as Rocamadour and Chateau des Anglais in Autoire, as well as many natural attractions like the incredible Gouffre de Padirac – the most visited cave in France!  

With such beautiful countryside, historical architecture and an endless supply of wine, there’s not much more you can really ask for. 

4. Lyon: Best for food and drink 

One massive pull factor for British expats is the range of fantastic food and drink France has to offer. Lyon offers the very best of the best. Here you can enjoy traditional, family-run restaurants, who have been in the business for centuries, so you know you’ll be getting the real deal. As well as the smaller and quainter, Lyon is also home to many well-established restaurants and bars, with 20 Michelin Star restaurants to choose from.  

For all the real foodies out there, this is the place for you.  

5. Provence: Best for beaches 

If you are looking to move abroad for warmer weather, but don’t want to go too far from home, then this is the place for you. The French coastline is lined with the most incredible beaches and coves, so you will have plenty of choice when deciding where to relax on a Sunday afternoon.  

Even during the winter, you will be blessed with mild weather and glimmering  sunshine - who wouldn’t want to move here?  

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