Best places to live in Sweden

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Sweden is known to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world with so much to offer for everyone, especially if you are a keen nature lover. 

Sweden is currently the 55th largest country in the world, so the list of the best places to live is endless. To help you out, we have narrowed it down to our favourite four destinations:

1. Stockholm: The capital city

Stockholm is considered to be on of the most beautiful cities in the world, surrounded by picturesque lakes that are all connected by bridges. 

Many people are attracted to the city for it's weather. If you are keen to experience cold, snowy winters and long, spectacular summers, then Stockholm sounds like the perfect place for you. In the winter, Stockholm looks extraordinary and you will feel like you are immersed in a fairytale. It gets very cold, but the city is prepared for the chilly weather - you will feel warm and cozy wherever you go. You will get used to the cold faster than you think and soon your new home will become your very own winter wonderland. 

Summer in Stockholm is a summer like no other. During the summer months, there are so many activities to get involved in. You can head over to the island of Sodermalm and have fun watching classic films on an outdoor terrace and party at the Tradgarden club. The city also hosts many festivals such as Summerburst and Midsummer - there is no European city like it. 

There is also a wide range of history to be explored here, with thousands of historical buildings and many museums to visit. The city is full of large, green parks which are perfect for socialising on a glorious summers day or for going on your morning run. 

2. Malmo: The largest city

This city is notorious for it's wide range of incredible sights and lovely people. 

If cycling is a large part of your lifestyle, the Malmo could be perfect. The city is built for cyclists, with a very well developed cycling path system and the land is pretty flat, so it makes perfect sense for cycling to be the cities main method of transport. It has even been named the sixth best city for cycling in the world.

As well as cycling as an outdoor activity, the city is jam packed with parks and is renowned for it's beautiful water front, that draws in thousands of visitors to the city every year. You will also find a huge variety of markets, including farmers markets, flea marks and fruit and vegetable markets, so if you are a keen market shopper, then Malmo has a lot to offer. 

In being Sweden's largest city, you would expect it to be heavily populated with expats. In fact, over 200 different nationalities call this city home, so there is a huge multi-cultural buzz here. The incredible mix of nationalities, makes Malmo one of the coolest cities in Europe as it is so rich in cultural heritage from all over the world.

3. Gothenburg: The calmest city 

Gothenburg city is a musical hub, which makes the city one of the most charming and calm in Sweden. 

The city is packed with historical sites and famous locations, that attract thousands of tourists every year. You can explore and tour the Gothenburg Archipelago, or you can even book a ship tour of the city - so, if you are inspired by history,  it is guaranteed that you’ll be enjoying your life when you choose to live in Gothenburg. There are also a wide range of museums to explore, such as the Museum if Fine Art, City Museum and The Natural History Museum, so you will never be short of things to do. 

The food here is also one of a kind. Gothenburg is well-know for its gastronomy (the art of good food) and so when you are eating out in the city you will be spoilt for choice. A lot of the cities restaurants will proudly serve their local produce, such as fish caught from the coast. There is even a fish market where fish is freshly brought in from that morning. 

4. Helsingborg: The most entertaining city

Helsingborg is amongst Sweden's most visited cities, and this is down to the amount of fun activities you can do there. 

There is something to do here for everyone. From fantastic restaurants to interesting museums and cultural attractions, you will always be busy in this city. The city is well known for its incredible theaters,  that put on some of the best shows in the whole of Sweden. If you enjoy the outdoors, there is plenty for you to do too. From golf courses to activities on the sea, this place is perfect for both adults and children.  

On the job front, there are countless opportunities for expats. The city is home to a very diverse range of large and small companies, which creates a change for innovation, growth and development. A lot of new companies are choosing Helsingborg as their home, which opens up a whole new range of employment pathways for expats moving to the city. 

Living in Helsingborg is also relatively low cost. Property prices are considered to be on the cheaper side and the cost of purchasing groceries is also pretty affordable.

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