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Why are customs regulations important?

Customs regulations govern the control of imports and exports allowed into a country. Customs inspectors protect against terrorist activity by inspecting cargo. A customs inspector works with law enforcement agencies and government departments to expose potential threats and find illegal substances. The inspector is also responsible for finding potentially hazardous materials or unlawful contents within the cargo, and to prevent anything from being brought illegally into the country.

Customs Inspectors have the right to inspect cargo and will work with freight companies and other type of agencies to verify the cargo contents before allowing them into country. It is vital that you familiarise yourself with the regulations of the country you are moving to.

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What do you need to know?

Our customs information stipulates the customs regulations in the country you are moving to.  All information varies according to the laws of the country you are moving to.

The information will include the documentation that is required to accompany your goods. This may include your passport, an inventory and certification from your employers, and will vary if you are a returning resident or foreign national.

The customs profile will tell you what items include duties and tax, which items are restricted and even prohibited.

The profile will also tell you what regulations govern the import of motor vehicles and pets.

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