7 steps to moving home with Pickfords

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Make an enquiry and get a quotation

1. Make an enquiry

Contact Pickfords and speak to your move manager who will oversee your removal.

2. Your estimate or survey

A visit that should take less than an hour to allow our surveyor to speak with you to get a clear understanding of the removals services you need, assess and measure your belongings and identify your wrapping and packing requirements. Alternatively you can arrange a video survey via your smartphone or tablet.

3. Your move quotation and move plan

The paperwork you receive will include the costs for your move and a schedule of activities on move day. If appropriate, your move quotation will include a number of options for you to consider.

Choose your services and book your move

4. Choosing the removals services you need

Take some time to read the removals quotation and move plan, and compare the costs of the recommended options. At this point it is worth reading our Terms and Conditions and insurance booklet.

5. Booking your move

Formally book your removal with Pickfords by completing the paperwork. Payments made in advance of the move are protected by an Advance Payment Guarantee.  

6. Pre-move planning

Now that your move is booked, there is a lot you can do to make the removals process go smoothly. Find out more from our moving advice centre.

7. Prepare for move day!

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Need a little advice? Look no further

Whether you're moving your home, business or your employees, our Moving Advice Centre has some great advice to help your move run as smoothly as possible.

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