If you have asked Pickfords to pack for you, it’s time to sit back and let our professional packing team go to work. By arranging this service, you will save your time and effort and ensure your goods are protected during your move.

Protecting your home

Pickfords will ensure your home is protected during the move. Special care will be taken to protect your carpets, wooden floors, banisters and doors prior to moving your furniture.

Professional wrapping and packing

A day or so before your actual move date a packing team will carry out this service, using our own range of wrapping and packing materials, to ensure your goods are protected during your move.


To prevent tarnishing, silverware is wrapped in acid-free tissue.

China and glassware

Such delicate items are individually wrapped before being packed into special china cartons.


Clothes are hung in specially railed wardrobe cartons.


Books will be flat -packed into sturdy book cartons.

White goods and appliances

We will wrap your white goods in specially designed padded appliance covers to protect them during the move.


Sofas, large chairs and mattresses all have their own specially designed covers to protect these items from tearing, marks and dents.


For those items you have singled out for extra care, we can make wooden crates to add an extra layer of protection.

Special cartons

Pickfords has developed a range of cartons to cater for all your individual needs. We have cartons to protect your wine collection, bicycles, golf clubs, pictures and lampshades.

Unpacking at your new home

Our unpacking service consists of unpacking and unwrapping your belongings on to flat surfaces and the disposal of all packing materials. Our crews will work under your direction, so it is advisable to have a plan in mind on delivery day.

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