Your quotation will show the cost of the move, including additional options for moving, storage and insurance. Our commitment is to provide a service to suit you, so our quotation will clearly define the range of services available.

Your quote will include:

Move costs

This is the actual cost of the move itself, whether direct to another home or into store, including any packing. VAT at the prevailing rate applies.

Transit insurance and Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) are listed separately. IPT is listed at the prevailing rate.

Move timetable

This will include a clear schedule for your move. Please contact your Move Manager if there have been any changes.

Weekly storage charges

These are the charges for storing your belongings per week, if applicable. VAT at the prevailing rate applies. Any storage insurance is listed separately, as is IPT at the prevailing rate.

Other services

These are listed and priced separately and VAT or IPT is added at the prevailing rate.

These services can include: Premises Protection, Cancellation Waiver, Late Key Waiver, packing services and any other work you may have requested us to carry out as part of your move.

We will send you our Guidance Notes, covering insurance details and waivers to our standard terms and conditions.

We urge you to read this documentation carefully to ensure your demands and needs are met.

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