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International removals insurance

Pickfords offers Goods in Transit cover to protect your goods during transit.

Insurance Protection

Itemised Cover provides insurance protection during transit and into store (for 60 days).   Should a claim be made,  the insurer has the option to offer repair, replacement or financial compensation, for loss or damage to your goods, subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.   The Insurance policy will pay for partial loss or damage of a shipment.

For instance, the most common cause of claims are scratching, denting and breakage, which may be caused by a variety of incidents, including rough handling by stevedores or shipping lines, and bad weather on the high seas.

Unexplained ‘loss’ of items such as cameras or PCs is common at certain destinations where security standards may be lax. Cover is also included against the risks of riots, war at sea and terrorism in other words incidents beyond your or our control, which do give rise to claim.

Itemised Cover

If you accept the proposal,  you will have to detail the items that you intend to ship and include the cost of replacing the item at your destination.  You should insure all your goods. Items that are not detailed will not be covered.  Items valued £500 and over must be individually declared or insurers will assume the maximum value is not greater than £500.

Optional insurance protection

Pickfords has created a range of insurance options so you can choose the level of cover you afford to your goods when they move overseas.

Pairs and sets insurance

Under the terms of the policy, if part of a pair or set is lost or damaged, insurers will only cover the one item - even though the set may now be incomplete. Purchasing Pairs and Sets optional cover will ensure that if part of a pair or set e.g. a dinner service, is lost or damaged, and then the entire set will be replaced or compensated for if we are unable to find a replacement item.

Mechanical and electrical derangement

Under the terms of the policy your electrical items are insured for loss or damage, but not for mechanical or electrical derangement. So if an electronic item does not work at destination and there is no obvious damage to the outside of the item, then you will not be covered. Purchasing this option will ensure that your mechanical and electrical items are covered for loss, damage and derangement.

Mould and mildew insurance

Under the terms of the policy, mould and mildew is included if damage has been caused by ingress of water. Mould and mildew caused by a change in air temperature, water condensation or moisture is excluded. Purchase this option if you are moving leather furniture, clothing, books or any material that is prone to absorbing moisture.

Packing and shipping insurance

Packing and Shipping Insurance will cover you for the packing and shipping costs of your move. If your entire consignment is lost you will be able to claim back your packing and shipping costs. This is a low cost option and is worth considering, particularly if the cost of removal is high.

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