Top places to work abroad

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If you're looking for a good income, the best place to work in the world and make a good income is Switzerland. It’s high salaries are known to be almost twice the global average, which reflects an advantageous tax system and high costs of living. However, who wouldn't want solid career opportunities and high living standards?


America has always been a magnet for budding entrepreneurs and highly skilled innovators. Those who work there are extremely ambitious and driven by passion and determination. Salaries in the US tend to be higher than those in Europe, due to their high GDP and they also have an incredibly diverse economy.


It’s thought that the high salaries in China reflect the demand for expat specialists in sectors such as IT, artificial intelligence and science. The more experienced you are in your field, the higher your income. China is always on the hunt for specialists with over five years worth of experience and value foreign expertise very highly.

Hong Kong

Expats tend to benefit from the lower tax regime and therefore enjoy a higher disposable income in Hong Kong. The working day for employees in Hong Kong tends to be longer than what we may be used to here in the UK, however many say that the financial reward is very much worth it! It is also recognized to be one of the best places to advance your professional career, especially for those in finance.


To keep up with it’s booming economy, Singapore is always on the look out to hire specialists from overseas. The salaries there are known to be extremely lucrative and competitive, as you can probably imagine.

New Zealand

If you're striving for a better work life balance then New Zealand is your answer. New Zealand workers tend to spend two hours less at work that the global average, meaning they have two extra hours to socialize, do activities and chill out. No wonder it’s on the top five places with the best work-life balance!


Denmark is one of the countries with the shortest working week! You can expect to work a total of 39.7 hours per week. Compared to the global average of 44.3 hours per week, this doesn’t sound too shabby! This allows the people of Denmark to have a fantastic work-life balance and may expats are drawn to Denmark because of this.

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