Moving oversized sofas and furniture

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Getting large furniture out of a building can be one of those unexpected challenges when moving house.

First, remove the hinges from the door using a power screwdriver. Lift the door up and take it off the doorway. Any door will reduce the opening of the doorway, so removing it may give you slightly more than 31 inches.

Lift the sofa up and carry it over to the 31-inch doorway. Turn it slightly on its side to reduce its width. Continue turning it on its side, or on end, until you get an angle that will fit through the doorway.

Take apart the sofa yourself if you can't get an angle for it to fit through the doorway. To take apart the sofa and get it through the doorway, you'll need to turn it over. If you're outside, lay a plastic sheet down to protect the fabric. Then, take the fabric off the underside. It should peel back to reveal the sofa arms on either side. Pull these out to reduce the size of the sofa. Carry it through the doorway while keeping it upturned, and reassemble once you get inside.

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