Why move to France?

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It’s indisputable– French food is incredible. It’s no coincidence that so many of the words we use in conjunction with great food are French – ‘haute cuisine’, ‘cordon bleu’, ‘Michelin’. But even if the fanciest of fancy restaurants aren’t your speed, the French have perfected even the humblest and most rustic of foods –fresh French bread with salted butter is a simple but indulgent treat almost unmatched.


The French believe in ‘working to live’ rather than ‘living to work’. A 35-hour work week, 30 days paid holiday, an expectation of a decent lunch hour, and an emphasis on finishing work promptly to spend time with the family makes for a healthy work-life balance for French citizens.

Great for families

The French government places a lot of importance on the family, but isn’t prescriptive about how it is defined. The Pacte Civil de Solidarité (PACS), is akin to a civil union that affords committed couples the same legal protection as married couples. The government also provides support for children, from childcare subsidies, generous statutory parental leave and financial support for adopting parents.


France is a big country which spans many latitudes, and the climate reflects that. The northern regions enjoy (ahem) weather very similar with that which we are used to in the UK, but down in the south, along the Mediterranean, you’ll find mild winters and scorching summers. Of course, the mountainous regions are subject to chilly winters – ideal for skiers!


French wine is world renown for a reason! The diversity in climates and soils means that vineyards across the country make a huge variety of fantastic wines – red, white and rose. And it’s the only place in the world that makes champagne! Better yet, you can enjoy these wines at fantastic prices. Where in the UK, 75% of the cost of your bottle is tax, in France you can enjoy these world class wines at an absolute snip!


French healthcare is both efficient and affordable. Much like National Insurance in the UK, a portion of your salary is deducted which pays for the health service, making it reasonably priced at the point of use. You can see your doctor for free, and charges for hospital stays are minimal.


France’s geography makes it ideal for fans of almost all types of landscape. Astonishing mountains in the Alps and Pyrenees, wide open pastoral scenes in the campagne and beachy vistas in the Riviera. For lovers of the outdoors, there's endless ways to enjoy the natural beauty of France – from skiing and hiking to swimming and kayaking.

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