Top reasons to move to the UAE

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In 2012, it was estimated that there were over 240,000 British expats living in the United Arab Emirates, representing the county’s largest western community.  There is no surprise then that the UAE is one of our more popular destinations.  We’ve put together some top reasons why we think the United Arab Emirates is such a great place to move to: 

1. Weather 

If you are a summer person, then UAE is definitely the place for you! With 11 hours of glorious sunshine a day and the average temperature being between 26 and 38 degrees, you can’t really complain. Winter officially starts on December 23rd every year and the temperature stays pleasantly mild until around the end of March.  Here in the UK, we’re used to cold, wet, dark, miserable winters, so no wonder so many of us move there! 

2. Job Opportunities

International trading, importing, exporting, tourism and logistics are all huge industries in the United Arab Emirates, all of which offer endless job opportunities for British expats. Dubai is known to be a global financial trading hub, popular with accountants or finance experts, sales executives and marketing and social media specialists. Monthly salaries tend to include housing, transport and other benefits, making working in the UAE very appealing. 

3. Social life

Social life is the United Arab Emirates is extremely diverse and lively – a very attractive factor for many Brits looking to move there! There’s a wide variety of clubs, bars, restaurants, beach clubs and other amenities to enjoy during your non-working hours. Many expats join hotels and private beach clubs on their arrival and spend a lot of their downtime making the most of their facilities. For the more athletic amongst us, there is a wide range of sports to try and many sports clubs to join! 

4. Worldwide Connections 

The UAE is known for being very conveniently located between Europe, Asia and Africa – which is what makes it so appealing for businesses. You get to most of these places within an 8 hour flight and luxury holiday destinations such as Egypt and the Maldives aren’t too far away either! 

5. Lots to explore 

We all love a good adventure and there’s no better place to explore that the UAE.  Take a trip into the tropical Arabian dessert where you can go quad biking, sand boarding and camel riding. Sand boarding is perhaps more for the adrenaline seekers and experienced skaters/skateboarders – although it is an experience hard to find anywhere else! You can also take a ride on one of the fastest roller coasters in the whole world - the Formula Rossa, which can be found at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. This can reach a top speed of 149 miles per hour… now, I’m no good with rollercoasters so safe to say I would happily pass on this one! 

6. Tax free earnings 
One of the most attractive things about the United Arab Emirates, is that salaries are completely tax free – sounds too good to be true, right?! Citizens are not obliged to pay taxes on properties, income or on capital gains. As well as this, Dubai does not charge any VAT charges on its goods, meaning more money in your pocket!