Our Green Approach

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Carbon neutral removal company
We are very proud to be the UK's largest carbon neutral removal company. Our carbon footprint has been scientifically assessed and we are continuously working to ensure we meet our environmental targets.

In February 2022, we published our very own Carbon Reduction Plan. We worked with scientists to come up with this roadmap to help us achieve our commitment of Net Zero emissions by 2050. One way we plan to reduce our carbon footprint is through renewable vehicle alternatives. Our aim is to begin the transition of all our lorries and vans by 2026. The vans will be 100% renewable by 2036, and lorries by 2045 - 2055, on the basis that by this point lorries powered by batteries, hydrogen or other renewable resources will be sustainably available. Click here to see further details of our Carbon Reduction Plan.  

Having a carbon reduction plan shows that we understand our current impact on the environment and want to make a conscious effort to minimise this. By having a carbon reduction plan we aim to: mitigate the effects of global climate change, improve public health and maintain biodiversity. Reducing carbon emissions helps us to ensure we have cleaner air, water and food sources for the future generations. 

As well as the carbon reduction plan, we are investing in ten Global Climate Change projects to help to offset our carbon emissions. We are working with Global Footprint Ltd to get involved in biodiversity projects in Kenya, improved cooking practices in Nigeria and deforestation projects at Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve in Indonesia, as just a few examples. Click here to see a full list of all the other projects we are involved in. 

Being a part of these projects, not only helps us reduce our carbon emissions, but also improves the quality of health and inequalities in communities. As well as this, the projects encourage a growth in the low-carbon job market, as the low-carbon transition creates opportunities for efficiency, growth and innovation in high-carbon industries such as energy production. 

We have already completed many carbon reduction initiatives and these processes have been implemented since 2019/2020. These include the following

  • We are IS04001:2015 audited and accredited. 

  • Since COVID-19, we have been carrying our video surveys using our Pickfords Survey App, which has reduced our CO2 emissions from visiting customers by car. 

  • We have created a formal recycling policy which includes providing a move day charity collection service, which, in turn, raises funds for the Salvation Army's community projects. 

  • We have assessed our packing materials to reduce the amount of single use plastics used during a removal. 

  • All new vehicles comply with Euro 6 emission standards.

To see all of our completed strategies to reduce our carbon emissions click here

Our Environmental Committee set yearly environmental objectives to reduce the impact of our business operations to biodiversity and climate change, meaning we are continuously working to improve our commitment to the environment.