Pickfords' most popular international destinations in 2022

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International flags representing a number of countries that Pickfords move customers to
Looking back on 2022, we have had a great year helping our customers move home as the world began to open up again, following the Coronavirus outbreak in March 2020. As a result, our international removal service has been very successful, moving customers belongings to a wide range of countries worldwide. In this article, we are going to look at our top five most popular international destinations. 

1. Australia 

Coming out on top, Australia was ranked as our most popular overseas destination in 2022. Out of the total number of international moves we carried out this year, approximately 24% of these were moving our customers to Australia. We moved people to all over the country to areas such as Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and many more.  

Australia has been ranked, by the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development, as the happiest place to live out of other 36 industrialised nations, making it a very attractive country for expats to move to. Residents here live a relatively care free, relaxed lifestyle. There is no crazy, hectic pace and they have mastered the perfect balance between work, leisure and socialising with family and friends. Australia is also a very safe and stable country economically, which allows it to outperform the world's average in a range of sectors such as: household income, jobs, healthcare, education, environmental quality and so on. 

As well as this, many British expats are drawn to Australia due to it's spectacular landscapes which offer residents the best of both worlds. Here you can find some of the most beautiful beaches in the world which run alongside the countries dynamic cities, such as the Gold Coast, Queensland. In addition, the country offers amazing natural beauty with everything from rain forests to deserts and mountains. No matter where you go, it is guaranteed you'll be spoilt with idyllic scenery right on your doorstep. 

2. United States of America

A close runner up, the USA ranked as our second most popular international destination this year. In 2022, we moved around 23% of our international customers to all corners of America, including the likes of New York, Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco, as just a few examples. 

The United States is a great place to move to as a British expat, for many reasons. The incredible variety of job opportunities, which are up for grabs, makes it a very attractive country to live in. Being the biggest and most powerful economy in the world, the USA's employment sector is well supported and industries are always growing. The job market is known to be relatively competitive, so related qualifications will set you apart from the crowd. As well as this, if you are moving abroad with family, your child will receive an extremely high-quality education. America is home to some of the world's top universities, such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford and more, where many famous business people and scientists graduated from. 

The USA is also probably one of the most diverse countries in the world. With 50 states to explore, you are bound to find the perfect place for you to seek out your 'American Dream.' No state is the same, with different ways of life and amazing cultures to follow, there is something for everyone. Whatever your dream destination is, you will find it in the US. 

3. United Arab Emirates

Our third most popular international destination, in 2022, was the United Arab Emirates. Out of the total amount of international removals we carried out, 9% of these were to destinations were located in the UAE. Within the UAE, Dubai was the far-favoured place for British expats to move to, with Abu Dhabi not too far behind. 

The United Arab Emirates offers residents and expats an extremely high quality of life, with modern housing options and infrastructure, exceptional medical facilities and great international schools. Work opportunities here are also incredibly attractive and it is a very popular place for expats to fast forward their careers or to jump into brand new opportunities. Many expats who are looking for work will tend to move to the more urban areas of the UAE, such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Places like these have thriving business economies which are continuously growing, no matter what field you are looking to explore.

Expats also love the UAE as it has the climate is very much unlike what we are used to in the UK. The sun shines for 365 days a year and the average temperature throughout the year is approximately 32c. Even in the winter months (December through to March), the temperature can still be warmer than a typical British summer, with an average high of around 24c. 

4. New Zealand

New Zealand was our fourth most popular international destination this year, with approximately 7% of our overseas removals being to here. We frequently moved our customers belongings to locations like Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch, amongst others.  

British expats move to New Zealand for many reasons, but commonly for the low cost of living, high-quality healthcare and friendly lifestyle. Those who are used to London house prices are often pleasantly surprised by the equivalent cost in New Zealand, even if you decide to live in the centre of major cities, such as Auckland, where you would expect prices to be dearer. As well as this, New Zealand ranks 24th in the world for their healthcare system, which is higher than the UK's position. Expats who become residents of New Zealand are entitled to use the government healthcare system, which you don't have to pay for, however non-residents may have to pay a fee for some services. 

New Zealanders are also extremely friendly people, who are renowned for their generous and respectful attitude. They also have a fairly laid back lifestyle and aren't afraid to slow down when life gets a little hectic. This makes New Zealand the perfect environment for British expats to migrate to, as it is guaranteed you will be welcomed with open arms and supported by the locals people. 

5. Canada

The final country we are going to talk about today is Canada, our fifth most popular international destination of 2022. Removals to Canada counted for around 6% of our total overseas moves this year. Some of our customers favourite Canadian places to move their belongings to were: Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, British Columbia, Ontario and many more. 

Canada is known to always do well in a global survey, especially when they are based around safety and quality of life, which makes it a very attractive country for British expats to move to. To put this into context, according to the Global Peace Index, Canada ranked in the top 10 safest countries in the world consistently over the years and as a country, they have a very low crime rate. Canada is also a popular country to move to due to it's thriving economy which allows residents to have a very fulfilling quality of life. It is renowned for being one of the most economically stable countries in the world and bounced back considerably following the effects of the pandemic in 2020. 

Due to their stable and growing economy, this opens up great opportunities for expat workers to seek employment in Canada. The Canadian government look to hire overseas workers to fulfil labour market gaps, in order to maintain their success, which means their economy is relatively dependent on expats who are coming to Canada to seek employment. As a result, this means that there are always jobs vacancies available in a large range of industries, giving expats the chance to build on their careers or create new pathways. 

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