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Crime levels

Canada enjoys some of the lowest crime rates in the world. The Global Peace Index measures it as the sixth safest. Compare that to the UK at 42nd, or for an even starker comparison, their downstairs neighbour, the USA is at 121.


Another big difference between Canada and the US comes in the form of its robust, universal healthcare. Depending on your visa, medical attention and intervention is free or cheap at the point of use, paid for by government taxes, very much like our NHS.


Canada is undoubtedly a melting pot, with people from countries all over the world living in relative harmony together. In the cities, you will meet people of all nationalities, and this is reflected in the excellent variety of foods available.

Worth mentioning also is how deeply entrenched French-Canadian relationship is within the culture – large parts of the country are entirely bilingual, and a few Canadians only speak Quebecois!


Education is one of the core values of Canada and the Canadian government, and they spend more per capita on it than any other country in the world. Schooling is excellent, and the children perform well. As a result, Canadians tend to stay in education longer than their counterparts elsewhere.


The postcard-friendly views of the lakes and mountains of the Great White North are known throughout the world. Living in Canada, all types of nature are at your disposal, and the opportunities to enjoy it with hiking, kayaking and skiing are endless. Take a trip in the icy tundra of the north and you might be lucky enough to spot the glorious Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. 

The economy

Canada has a very strong economy, largely based on their wealth of natural resources; natural gas, oil, gold, copper, iron ore and uranium, as well as an abundance of arable land all bring a tidy income to the country. The country’s banking system is the most stable in the world, according to the World Economic Forum, and business is good in the cities – a great place for an ambitious expat to further their career.


As with any vibrant, young, multicultural cities, you can find food of all types in Canada’s metropolitan areas. Brits abroad might find something a little familiar about the national dish, poutine. This typically French-Canadian dish of fries laden with cheese and smothered in gravy seems almost like upmarket version of the cheesy-chips-and-gravy so many of us enjoy on the way back from the pub.

The people

How do you get a Canadian to apologise? Step on their foot.

The Canadian people are one of the biggest selling points of the country.  Known to be friendly and polite to the point of over-apologetic, Canadians also have a killer sense of humour. They count among their number Jim Carrey, John Candy, Mike Meyers, Dan Aykroyd, Rick Moranis, Leslie Neilson, Phil Hartman and Seth Rogen, to name just a few. The good-humoured, friendly people of Canada are sure to make you feel right at home.

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