Top reasons to move to New Zealand

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1. Landscape

New Zealand is known the world over for its stunning scenery. The landscape is as diverse as it is beautiful – with rugged mountain ranges, astonishing glaciers, vast, placid lakes and even active volcanoes! That’s not to forget the beautiful cityscapes of Wellington, and the plethora of beaches around the country, your Instagram feed will be the envy of your friends back home.

2. Rich culture

New Zealanders are proud of their rich culture, and with good reason. The Maori heritage is increasingly celebrated in recent years as the country moves from its colonial past, but the country equally celebrates the unique mix of cultures of its citizens, many of whom are migrants from the furthest reaches of the world. 

3. Living space

NZ has less than 10% of the population of the UK, with 10% more physical space. For people who don’t enjoy living on top of each other in busy British cities, that makes New Zealand a perfect destination for families in search of room to breathe.

4. Weather

The climate of New Zealand is more familiar to Brits abroad than neighbouring Australia. The country is largely mild all year round, but for those who enjoy the occasionally snowy winters back home, you can certainly find them in the north! Think of the climate in NZ as like Britain’s but that little bit nicer.  

5. Progressive

For expats for whom progressive politics are important, New Zealand is an ideal new home. The first place to give women the vote, the country has strong female leadership in the form of PM Jacinda Ardern (the first sitting PM to take maternity leave) and many prominent female or minority politicians. NZ was also the first country in the world to introduce the 8 hour work day, and they are currently aiming to become the first country to run entirely on renewable energy.  

6. Food & drink

Both Auckland and Wellington have thriving, trendy culinary scenes, with many world-class chefs in top restaurants, as well as enviable street food scenes, with food festivals and markets. The rich trends in migration mean that you can find to fit almost any taste. New Zealand’s wines are also known the world over, with many significant wine producing regions across the country. 

7. Jobs

There are plenty of career opportunities in New Zealand. There is a demand for candidates with trades and skills in engineering, finance, health and education. Brits abroad have the added advantage over other migrants of being fluent in the native language!

8. Quality of Life

New Zealand comes second on HSBC’s Expat Explorer Survey’s work-life balance ratings. It is also ranked 8th on the World Happiness Index report, which takes into consideration freedom, generosity, healthy life expectancy, GDP per capita, social support and absence of corruption. It’s no wonder that so many Brits are flocking there in search of a better life. 

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