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Tagging and tracking to final destination

Part of your obligation to waste management legislation is to keep accurate records of how your company disposes of unwanted items that may impact the environment.

Pickfords’ environmental service is certified, which means after every waste management project, we provide you with a certificate which details the waste that was managed by our environmental team and the percentage reused, recycled, recovered or sent to landfill. Our target is to achieve 0% to landfill on every project .

Our process tracks the item from initial inventory to final destination, and helps your business to meet its environmental and CSR responsibilities and targets.

Gain profit from your unwanted office assets

Your decision to reuse, recycle or recover will save your company the cost of landfill tax and will benefit local charities and community groups as the life of the unwanted product is extended and used productively again.

Our reuse programme can even provide financial value to your company or to a charity of your choice.

Pickfords provides a range of services for business and the environmental service can be integrated within your off ice relocation or change project.

Get a quote for the recycling of your office furniture today, or request a call back to speak to a member of our team about how our environmentally-conscious business moves can help your company.

Unwanted Assets
Extend the life of your unwanted assets

We'll place them with our network of charities
Unwanted Furniture
We'll recycle your office furniture to make way for new
Pickfords furniture recycling

Gain profit from your unwanted furniture

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