Tips for move day

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Draw up a floor plan  

Something that will save time and eliminate confusion is drawing a floor plan of your new home, and marking out where your possessions are going before you move. Next, tag each item of furniture with a coloured label which corresponds to the room it is going in. This way, the movers know where to put it and it saves you having to make decisions in a rush about where to put things.  

Make yourself available  

If you've hired a moving company to pack and deliver your property and boxes, you need to be available when they are doing the packing. If you're unavailable, ask a relative or friend to step in.   The movers will produce an inventory of everything they pack - make sure you look over the list and check that it is correct and legible before you sign, so as to avoid any discrepancies further down the line if an item is missing from the list or damaged during the move.  

Help your helpers!  

If your family and friends are pitching in to do the heavy lifting, you need to get organised well in advance.  Do all the packing beforehand, as you can't reasonably ask a friend or relative to pay for something they accidentally damage.   Make sure access to the vehicle(s) you're using to transport boxes is clear and easy to negotiate. Last but not least, make sure you have plenty of beverages and snacks on hand, and if the move starts to run into dinnertime, get a takeaway!

Create a safe environment for moving  

Whether a professional mover or your friends from the neighbourhood are helping you move, the last thing they need is a barking dog or hyperactive child running around while they are trying to manhandle heavy boxes and furniture safely!

If you can, ask a friend or relative to look after the kids and pets during the day - taking them out of the equation means you can focus on getting the job done.

Plan for parking and access  

Make sure you consider the needs of the movers by making parking and access as easy as possible. This can be difficult depending on what type of home you live in, and also moving to.

Moving in and out of houses is easy - just park in front - but if you're moving into a high-rise building, it is best to see if you can reserve space in advance.  

Check to see if lifts can also be reserved to help speed up the process.

Inside the house, make sure nothing is cluttering up the main passageways and in particular near the stairs. Block doors open to allow easier transit between rooms - it's not easy to balance a heavy box on one hand whilst opening a door with the other!

Moving your washing machine and fridge

Our removal teams are legally forbidden to tamper with mains supplies. Should you wish your removal company to transport your washing machine to your new property, you will need to disconnect and drain the machine the day before the removal crew arrives.

To avoid damage, automatic washing machine drums should be secured with the original brackets supplied by the manufacturer.

Fridges and freezers should be washed out with a strong solution of bicarbonate of soda and hot water rather than detergent, as this will avoid unpleasant odours.

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