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Tips for settling in to your new home

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After you move in, check all your appliances and electronic devices to make sure they are all in working order. Any damage incurred during the move may need to be referred to your insurers in a limited time period.
Get all your utilities up and running. Call the current supplier with the meter readings for your gas, electricity and water as appropriate and set up billing information.
If you have children, find them a new school and get them registered as soon as possible. The sooner they can establish a routine in their new surroundings, the easier they will find it to settle in.

Update all your contact information with your bank, employer (if you have not also changed jobs as a result of the move), DVLA, and if you have moved to a new area, register with your local or borough council to vote and pay council tax. You also need to get signed up with new healthcare providers, such as a local GP and dentist, and if you have pets, a vet.

Don't forget to update your address details with your car insurance provider, mobile phone company and any other relevant contacts who need to know you've moved. 

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