When Pickfords transported Earl Haig's monument to Whitehall

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On the 3rd February 1928, over 100,000 people lined the streets of London for the funeral of Earl Douglas Haig, the leader of The British Army during the First World War. Earl Haig was revered by his war weary soldiers as their greatest advocate and friend. He would be buried in Dryburgh in Scotland under a simple headstone the same as would be found at the graves of the thousands of British servicemembers and women in the cemeteries dotted throughout the battlefields of France and Belgium.

Following the funeral thoughts turned to how best to commemorate the life of Earl Haig, not only for his leadership of the British forces in World War One but also for his work to support ex –servicemembers. He would be instrumental in the founding of the British Legion, in the creation of the Haig Homes charity which provided housing for ex–servicemembers; and joining up with the Disabled Society (latter the Poppy Factory) to produce poppies to raise funds to further help ex-servicemembers. By using the poppies from the Poppy Factory, Earl Haig also provided jobs for veterans wounded in conflict at the factory.

There was a competition among sculptors to design a monument of Earl Haig in his honour. The winning design was won by Alfred Hardiman, whose original design of a bare headed Earl Haig on a classic charger was rejected. Eventually a full-sized statue of Earl Haig on his horse Poperinghe was unveiled by The Duke of Gloucester on 10th November 1937 in Whitehall, London.

It was Pickfords that transported the statue to Whitehall. The statue was over 26 ft high and was transported in an early 20th century style trailer. The tractor unit was an early Latil, operated from the Tower Bridge depot of Pickfords heavy haulage division. 

Further research has revealed a section of film on the British Pathe News website of the erection of the statue, with the Pickfords tractor and trailer having a starring role.

Photo source: http://www.jonathan-walker.co.uk/the-real-monuments-men


Pickfords transports monument of earl haig
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