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Large and medium-sized business moving: FAQS

If you are large corporation, the relocation of your business will be a significant project, with multiple stake holders including potentially your IT department, Human Resources and the health and safety team.

My business needs to change locations; where do I start?

Set up a project team with key staff members. This team should be familiar with your business and have a good understanding of all the issues tackled across all the departments. 

Your internal project manager will be responsible for coordinating plans, overseeing the move timetable, keeping track of expenditure and liaising with your internal departments and your external suppliers.

How do I appoint a business moving company?

Moving a large business is a complex process. Finding the right partner will be critical to the success of your project. Make a start by researching companies who have a track record and experience in projects of a similar size. Make a list of the services you think you need and then discuss your move with a specialist. Your supplier will need a wide range of demonstrable experience.

Pickfords Business Solutions has years of experience managing large, business relocation projects in all industry sectors, including the public sector and not for profit organisations. 

We work with you as your strategic partner to plan, manage and execute your relocation and will advise on all aspects of your move including planning and scoping, infrastructure and IT relocation, space planning, refurbishment and interiors (including storage solutions) and specialist equipment relocation. Our aim is to make a complex process as easy as possible for our clients and, especially, their employees.

How do I ensure my employees are not impacted by the move?

People generally don’t like change, so how you communicate to your staff, clients and suppliers is critical. It is important not to allow rumours about a move to start before you are ready to make an announcement, as they may needlessly unsettle your employees.

Make a communication plan. Define your key messages and plan the timing of the delivery of those messages.

Small office move services: FAQs

Are you a small organisation looking to move to a new location? While it may be tempting to move yourself, or hire a cheap, non-specialist mover, either scenario is likely to introduce unnecessary risk, where those handling the move are not equipped to move heavy, specialist or complex equipment.

Hiring or consulting with a specialist office removal company, such as Pickfords, will ensure an efficient move process that results in minimum disruption to your operations while handling your furniture, IT and other office items with expert care.

Do I need a removal company?

While it’s tempting to do it yourself to safe on costs, consider the health and safety implications and impact on moral of asking employees to carry out the heavy lifting.

There is a particularly significant risk in disconnecting IT systems that are vital to your business without professional assistance, particularly with the costs involved in not having your network up and running properly when required.

Hiring experienced, professional office movers will mean all the hard, complex work is done on your behalf, while you benefit from working closely with their project team to ensure everything is completed to your exact requirements.

Will Pickfords manage a small office move project?

Absolutely; we move thousands of small businesses every year. Pickfords provide a dedicated move manager to help you plan, and deliver operational resource from one of our national branches.

Does Pickfords Business Solutions cover my area?

Yes; Pickfords Business Solutions provides local business moving services and operationally covers every postcode in the UK and Ireland.

What office moving services do Pickfords provide?

Our service is designed around you. We will come to your place of business to understand the scope of your small office move project.

We help you plan your space at your new property, move desks and heavy furniture, disconnect your IT systems and re-connect them at your new location.

A small office move could potentially place over a weekend, which means you can operating 'business as usual' on Monday morning.

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