For your peace of mind

Accidents can happen. Pickfords' recommended Goods in Transit and Storage Insurance protects your goods from the home you are leaving to their new destination.

The insurance is underwritten by a regulated insurance company. In the event of a valid claim, you will be compensated or your goods will be repaired or replaced, at the insurer’s option.

A short term policy with no excess

There is no excess on Pickfords’ recommended Goods in Transit Insurance.

Premises protection

Like all removal companies, our terms and conditions limit the amount we pay in the unlikely event we cause accidental damage to your home. For your peace of mind, you can purchase additional cover from us (a Waiver) to cover one or both properties against accidental damage.

Prepare for the unexpected

Sometimes events take place that are out of our control, such as not being able to gain access to your new property at the agreed completion time, or having to cancel your move at short notice. Pickfords’ Waivers give you flexibility, so you won’t have to pay additional costs should the unexpected happen.

Late Key Waiver

If we cannot access your property at the agreed time, there will be additional costs for you to bear. Pickfords’ Late Key Waiver covers these costs should there be a delay in access to your new property.

This Waiver will waive the additional fees for three hours, saving you up to £180 + VAT depending on your delay.

Cancellation Waiver

If you cancel or postpone the removal after it has been confirmed, you will normally be liable for a cancellation fee. However, by opting for our Cancellation Waiver, you will not incur an additional charge if your plans change.

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