Once you’ve booked your removal, there are a number of things to consider in advance to ensure a trouble-free move. We have compiled the following hints and tips to help you prepare for move day:

Packing & unpacking

If you have decided to pack yourself, ensure the cartons are strong enough to permit stacking without damaging the contents. Make sure cartons are only half filled with heavy items such as books, and top up with lighter items.

Self-assembly furniture

Pickfords can arrange for a joiner to dismantle your furniture, depending on each item’s age, condition and complexity.

Attics and lofts

If you have an attic or loft, make sure to clear these and place items in a convenient spot ready to be moved. This helps our move team see the entire scale of your move when they first arrive, and ensures nothing gets forgotten.

Cookers, washing machines, fridges and freezers

These should all be disconnected, drained and dried prior to our arrival. To avoid damage, automatic washing machine drums should be secured with the brackets supplied by the manufacturer. To avoid unpleasant odours, wash out fridges and freezers with a strong solution of hot water bicarbonate of soda.

Curtains, blinds and fixtures

These should be taken down prior to the arrival of your removal crew. Please place pictures and mirrors in a neat stack, as they may have to be loaded first.

Keep clothing on hangers

Clothing can remain on hangers. We will provide special wardrobe cartons in various sizes for your clothes. All other items of clothing should be packed into suitcases.

Bedding and linen

All bedding and linen should be folded and laid out on beds ready for packing.

Electronic devices

TVs, hi-fis, PCs, games consoles, DVD/Blu-ray players, etc, are best moved in their original packaging. Pickfords’ specialist cartons and covers protect delicate electronics in transit.

China glass and ornaments

These can be left in cupboards and on shelves ready for our team to pack.

Contents of garages and garden sheds

Ensure any rubbish is discarded and tools cleaned and bundled together for easy carrying. We cannot move flammable substances, unsealed paint tins, creosote, paraffin, matches, gas bottles or similar items, as these invalidate your insurance cover. Other containers or bottles should be securely sealed to prevent spillage.


It is best to keep pets out of the way during collection and delivery on moving today, to prevent them becoming unsettled. Help them feel comfortable by travelling with them to your new home.

Fitness equipment

Dismantle all fitness equipment before moving day.


Wrap plants in newspaper to protect from draughts and stop the leaves bruising. Once in your new home, stand them in a room with plenty of light but don’t unwrap until the move has finished.


Pickfords’ terms and conditions and terms of insurance do not cover jewellery, watches, precious stones, money, coins, bullion, deeds, bonds, securities, stamps, furs, tobacco or cigars. It is best to pack these items yourself and carry them in the car. Please refer to your Guidance Notes for a complete list of exclusions.

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Preparing for your move

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