Labelling strategy for your business move

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Your Project Move Manager will create a labelling strategy with you which will be colour coded by department and/or floor and follow a simple sequential numbering system. The labels will be provided to staff at the same time as the crate delivery, with colour of labels predetermined and agreed during the planning stages.

Once the crate or container has been filled and closed, two self adhesive-labels are then placed on the outside, one at both ends, ensuring that it is clearly visible. Information to be written on the label will include:

  • Location: Floor / area / department reference code based on the layout plan to where the item is going to.
  • Position: Details of the workstation to which the item is going to (a pre-agreed reference number linking to the move plan).
  • Name: The name of the individual whose items are in the crate.

Brief staff

Most business moves happen at the weekend to reduce downtime to a minimum and everyone must understand the timetable for shutting down before hand. No matter how large or small your company, it's important to have team meetings to:

  • Make arrangements for move day and the time table as well as key dates
  • Organise a ‘clear out’ day to dispose of any unwanted items
  • Identify archive material that can be packed and moved in advance
  • Discuss the Packing plan to ensure your employees know who is doing what on the day and have a contact who they can talk to
  • Ensure you have the correct crates and labels for each employees’ effects in advance

Pickfords Business Solutions helps you prepare a communication to brief your staff and suppliers about your move.

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