Best places to retire abroad

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Sunny beach


1. Spain

Many people from the UK choose to retire to Spain. It’s got a lot to offer including, warm weather, a relaxed culture and a high standard of living. It’s also not too far from the UK if you wanted to pop back for Christmas. It’s also a popular retirement choice due to its affordable living costs.

2. France

Another great option, if you don’t want to retire too far from the UK, is France. Besides the amazing food and wine, France offers an excellent healthcare system which ranks best in the world by the World Health Organisation. If you head to the South you can enjoy warmer weather for much longer than you can in the UK. Spending your retirement exploring vineyards in the south of France doesn't sound too bad!

3. Croatia

Croatia is becoming an increasingly popular choice among retirees. It has gorgeous scenery, an inviting Mediterranean climate and it's is full of culture and adventure. There are beautiful areas of Croatia to explore and it's not too far from the UK. Quality of life is also high in Croatia, due to it’s low cost of living, low crime rates and good standards of healthcare.

4. Cyprus

Cyprus offers a sunny, cultured environment for expat retirees. Gaining a right to stay there is relatively easy and it’s quickly growing in popularity, due to it’s laidback lifestyle approach, peaceful communities with low crime rates, and low costs of living. Sipping a cocktail on a Mediterranean beach doesn't sound like a bad retirement!

5. Philippines

If you don't mind travelling further away from the UK then you may want to consider the Philippines. It's a warm, idyllic destination, made up of 7,400 islands. As well as the natural beauty this country has to offer, it also provides fairly reasonable costs of living and healthcare services are adequate. Obtaining residency in the Philippines is relatively easy and therefore there should be no issues gaining permission to stay there.


Thai people are one of the most friendly and hospitable people and Thailand offers a tropical paradise for retirement. If you like it hot then it should definitely be on your list as in the south it can easily reach 40 degrees Celsius in the summer months. Nearly every home has air conditioning so you will be able to keep cool from the heat too.

7. Australia

If you don't mind being on the other side of the globe then you may want to consider Australia for retirement. Melbourne offers a similar climate to the UK, although temperatures don't drop as low as we see here in winter. It's English speaking, offers a great standard of healthcare and a relaxed and friendly culture.

8. Canada

If you prefer a cooler climate then Canada is the place for you. Home to many natural landscapes, such as Niagara Falls, Moraine Lake and Ellesmere Island, Canada has many natural beauties to explore. Canadians are also extremely friendly. The majority speak English, alongside French so it could be an opportunity to pick up a new language later in life too!

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