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Can you ship my pet?

We can export most domestic pets, including dogs cats, rabbits, birds, reptiles, hamsters, and even horses. However, there are some restrictions on certain breeds, species and destinations.

Please speak to your Move Manager to find out whether we can ship your pet.

Can my pet travel on the same flight(s) as me?

Ordinarily, pets and owners can be booked on to the same flights, however wherever possible we will book the most direct route available for your pet to minimise their journey time.

Depending on the destination, we will also look at arrival times for customs clearance, temperature and sleep patterns to ensure maximum comfort for your pet and give you peace of mind.

Please advise your Move Manager of the airline, flight and date you intend to use, and we will confirm whether your pet will be able to travel on the same flight.

What documentation will my pet need?

The documentation required varies by destination, although your pet must always travel with original documentation. For the latest documentation requirements for your destination country, please speak to your Move Manager.

What vaccinations will my pet need?

The vaccinations required for your pet to travel vary by destination. For the latest vaccination requirements for your destination country, please speak to your Move Manager.

What is a ‘Pet Passport’?

A Pet Passport officially records identification and vaccination information for your pet so they can travel more easily.

Where will my pet be located in the aircraft?

Pets travel in a segregated area of the hold of the aircraft, known as the ‘pet cabin’. The pet cabin is heated, pressurised and dark to help keep your pet calm. Wherever possible, your pet will also be exercised prior to flight to help ensure they are tired when they board and are more likely to sleep during the flight.

Your pet will also travel in a specially-sized travel carrier to ensure maximum comfort and safety throughout their journey. Click here to find out more about your pet’s travel arrangements.

Should my pet me fed and watered prior to flight?

For your pet’s comfort, it is advised that they are only fed lightly during the day prior to travel and not at all on the day of the flight. Your pet will not be fed during the flight but their travel carrier will include a full water bowl.

Is there any access to my pet in flight?

During the flight, no access is allowed to the pet cabin.

Can my pet travel with toys?

Airlines do not allow any large items inside the travel carrier with your pet to avoid the risk of swallowing and choking. We recommend that all collars, leads,  and toys do not travel with your pet; we will provide a lead when we collect them. However, a familiar item of clothing or a blanket is permitted. We line all our carriers with VetBed to ensure they have a dry, comfortable flight.

If shipping your pet with Pickfords is something you are interested in, then take a look at our pet shipping service and get your free quote today. If you have any questions about our pet shipping service, then please don't hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today.

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