Case Study: Morrison Data Services


Morrison Data Services is the UK’s leading utility data services business, differentiated by the scale and capability of its national workforce, who provide regulatory assurance and innovative solutions to energy and water retailers.

Following a review, it was decided that the office at Cobalt Business Park in Newcastle was no longer fit for purpose, and the company needed a business relocation company who could co-ordinate the move to a new site directly adjacent to the current site.

Pickfords Business Solutions was ideally suited to deliver the contract thanks to its experience providing large relocation projects, within similar timescales, and alongside other service providers onsite.


  • To move 300 employees to the new location without an interruption to the working day
  • To co-ordinate the move with a building contractor on site
  • To ensure the move was completed within a single weekend
  • To ensure that critical IT functions were not disrupted by the relocation


Morrison Data Services appointed Pickfords Business Solutions to complete the relocation. A dedicated service team was assigned which included an account manager, move manager, and a local operational business moving team.

This team worked with the client’s project team to ensure that all staff would understand the full scope of services (including timescales) that would facilitate the relocation.

Although Morrison Data Service is a powerful player in its field, the company had not relocated before. So it was important that Pickfords provided a project management service and create a complete move plan for the management team.

The highest priority for Morrison Data Services was that the business would not be impacted by the relocation. All preparation work, which included communication with staff, and protection of the building interior at both sites took place in the days leading up to the move.

A breakdown of the services provided was as follows:

  • Relocation of all furniture

    Pickfords moved all furniture, which included the dismantling of 360 office desks at the old site, and at the new site

  • Dedicated and experience assigned specialist team

    Our office based move management team ensured that the client was fully informed throughout the move. Onsite, our specialist team of 12 IT Technicians, 10 Fitters, a Move Crew of 12, and 3 Foremen meant that we had the resources to make this move a success

  • Staff liaison to ensure move plan communication

    Planning and pre-commencement meetings and post move reviews, which included a floor walking support staff on the first day in the new site, ensured that those involved in the move were fully informed at every stage

  • 24/7 Helpdesk

    The client’s dedicated assigned team was on call at all times during the project

  • Crate Supply

    Pickfords supplied 450 crates prior to the move for their 300 staff

  • IT and Telecommunications

    Morrison Data’s continuity of service was vital in the success of this project, and Pickfords accomplished the effective decommission and recommission of all IT and telecoms

  • Ensuring Data Security

    Crates were supplied with crate security seals to safeguard the contents were protected during the move

  • Relocation completed over a single weekend

    Completing the move over a single weekend made certain that all Morrison Data Services staff were good to go on the Monday morning

  • Cleaning of old site following move

    Our staff cleaned, and vacuumed the old site, leaving it in a tidy condition

  • Disposal of packaging, debris, and other waste

    The operative team cleared away all packaging, debris, and other waste from both sites. Items that could be recycled were done so

  • Building protection

    Pickfords took all necessary measures to prevent damage to the clients buildings, and all contents (including those being moved), in line with best industry practices

  • Liaison with other contractors
    The client had building contractors on site, so our allocated resources were flexible and adaptable had the proposed timeframes changed during the project.


The project ran smoothly and was delivered on time and on budget to the original specification of the works. The move itself took place outside of working hours starting on a Friday, and continuing over the weekend. This allowed the clients staff to be up and running on the Monday morning as agreed.

From the success of this move, Morrison Data Services is confident that Pickfords would be able to service its relocation needs anywhere in the UK.


Sarah Cawley
Executive Assistant, Morrison Data Services                     

“I hope you are both well, I thought I would drop you a line to let you know how wonderful your team are! This office move meant a lot to me as it was my first major project and not a very easy one at that! From start to finish the level of service was impeccable and I seriously cant thank James Clegg and Lee Caldwell (& his team) enough.  There was at no point any doubt that they could do this job... they were so customer friendly and made me feel so at ease - even though the task at hand was absolutely mammoth! 

It was a crazy 7 days and I won’t forget it! ....   Absolutely impressive and I would highly recommend your services to anyone!”

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