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ICF Consulting is a global consulting and technology services company, providing a range of services for governments and businesses, including strategic planning, management, marketing and analytics.

Client Requirements

The modern office is a very different place now than it was prior to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, staff are more mobile and fluid with their day-to-day office environment, with many no longer needing a desk of their own. 

The office has become more of a meeting and transactional space, where staff can interact with each other and meet clients. People are empowered to work when and how they choose to optimise their performance.

ICF’s embraced this change in the way its employees utilise their working hours and decided to relocate its staff from three London office locations into a new office that better suited this working philosophy.


Disruption to ICF staff needed to be minimal. To this end, all three offices had to moved over a single weekend and have full connectivity so that a ‘normal service’ could be resumed first thing on Monday morning. 

This required Pickfords to meticulous coordinate its operation in unison with other contractors on-site, to enable a seamless flow of services.


This relocation was significant in that most of the traditional office furniture, including desks, pedestals, chairs, IT workstations, filing and storage cupboards were no longer required. Instead, the now ‘redundant’ equipment was donated to Pickfords’ network of charities or furniture resellers for reuse.

Equipment appropriate for an educational establishment, such as stacking chairs, TV monitors and storage units were donated to a local school. 

The rest of the equipment including the desks, workstations, large interactive smart screens, chairs, cupboards, redundant IT equipment; including laptops, monitors, server blades and racks, were environmentally disposed.  

Over one weekend, the furniture collected was either repurposed, sold, or reused, and the interactive smartboards were all given a second lease of life. 

All the redundant IT equipment was collected for recycling. All data was removed while adhering to the WEEE directive by offering industry-leading environmental practices. Every single hard drive collected was fully audited, wiped to CESG Infosec Level 5 HMG approved standards and documented for ICF’s records. The accumulated waste material was taken for recycling.

In addition, there was a great deal of desk-tidies, paper trays, plastic wallets, pens, old stationery and personal material that was all recycled.

Approach to health and safety in a 'live environment'

Crew briefings took place daily to ensure that all team members were clear on the objectives for that day. Any Pickfords staff member allocated to this contract were fully aware of ICF Consulting’s site rules (including Health & Safety, and COVID 19 regulations, alarms, fire precautions, entry and exit points from each site). 


The move and environmental recycling project were completed on time and within budget. Nothing was sent to landfill and all assets collected were compliant with Government waste legislation. 

ICF Consulting’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme coupled with Pickfords’ expertise has made a significant contribution towards helping ICF Consulting achieve its sustainability goals.

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