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Pickfords moves NATO to its new iconic building

29 Oct 2019

Pickfords and the Office Moving Alliance complete historic relocation

After many months of preparatory work Pickfords Business Solutions relocated NATO headquarters in Brussels in June this year.

The move, the largest European business relocation in the last 10 years, was managed by a consortium of companies from the Overseas Moving Alliance, lead by Pickfords Business Solutions and including AMT (France) and Mondial Movers (Netherlands)

The challenge was to relocate the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation(NATO) headquarters in Brussels to its brand new, highly secure, 254,00 square metre facility located just across the road in the city.

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The relocation took 13 weeks to complete and consisted of relocating 4,000 workplaces, 7 km of archived records, various art works and heavy items,  25,000 crates of office assets  and IT equipment and  29 NATO member state presentation flags.

A workforce of forty operatives and six removals vehicles continuously rotated between the old headquarters and the new premises just across the road.  The project includes a specialist project management team on site, who worked closely with NATO’s transition office to co-ordinate the move plan.  

The preparatory work for this transfer, started in November 2015, had to take into account the high level of security required by NATO.   

The transfer was fully completed in June, a few weeks in advance of the NATO summit that is scheduled to take place in July.  

See the move in action at our case study library

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