Self storage: hints and tips

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Read our hints and tips below to make the most of your storage space and ensure your belongings are fully protected while in store:

Plan head

  • Make an inventory of the items you intend to put into your self storage unit so you can track what goes in and comes out
  • Plan your storage space:
    • Place large items that you need less immediate access to at the back of your unit
    • Put smaller items that you need to access frequent access to at the front of your unit
  • Write a space plan detailing the items you are storing and the approximate location in your storage unit

Prepare your belongings for storage

  • Clean garden equipment prior to storing
  • Use covers to protect your soft furnishings
  • Use white paper to separate chairs before you stack them
  • Avoid stacking heavy items onto soft furnishings

Carefully packing and protect your belongings


  • Use Pickfords bubble wrap at the bottom of the carton for protection
  • Wrap each item individually in Pickfords white paper
  • Stand plates on their ends for extra strength
  • For maximum protection, use Pickfords bubble wrap to add an extra layer

Watch: Wrapping and packing plates and crockery


  • Use Pickfords white paper to provide protection to glassware and fine crystal
  • Wrap in a double layer of paper and place them upside down in a standard carton
  • If packing sets of glasses, use plate dividers to create an additional 'shelf' within the carton and pack the next set on top

Watch: Packing and wrapping glassware


  • Remove light bulb and wrap the base of the lamp in white paper
  • Place in a Pickfords standard carton and fill in the spaces around the lamp with crushed white paper
  • Use fresh white paper to wrap the lampshade and pack into a separate box


  • Use Pickfords wardrobe cartons, specially made for clothes that need to remain on their hangers while being transported
  • Put your clothes on the hanger and before taping up the carton
  • Add a line of tape across the top of the rail to keep the hangers in place

Watch: Custom wardrobe cartons for your clothes


  • Use a Pickfords linen carton, ideal for folded linen, towels and bedding
  • Use one linen carton for a king-size duvet (folded)

DVDs and CDs

  • Stack DVDs and CDs neatly into a Pickfords book carton
  • Ensure all space around the items is filled so they do not slide about in the box


  • Use a Pickfords mattress bag, suitable for most sizes of mattress
  • Place the mattress in the bag and fold over excess packaging
  • Secure with tape

Get insured

If you would like to insure items that you place into store, contact your local Pickfords Self Store, who will be happy to discuss your options.

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