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Pickfords Business Solutions provides services to industry sectors requiring specialist expertise.

Some of our most notable projects have included moving a multi-site hospital and specialist schools and universities. Our portfolio includes major banks, laboratories, libraries, and newspaper groups.

Many Pickfords clients have unique requirements, with varying combinations of specialist equipment, clean room environments, bespoke items and required compliance with health and safety legislation.

Our experience, reputation and first-class delivery mean our specialist clients come back to us time and time again.

Hospital relocations

Relocating hospitals is a highly demanding undertaking, posing a unique set of challenges, from moving complex technical equipment to ensuring that patient care is not jeopardized during the move.

Pickfords Business Solutions has moved many hospitals and trusts, and has established a top-tier reputation for providing specialist relocation services to the health sector.

Discover a small sample of Pickfords’ successful hospital relocation projects:

Library, archive and museum relocations

The relocation of a library or archivists' collection requires a significant amount of forward planning. Sensitive items such as historical books, maps and manuscripts must be handled with great care in order for them to withstand transportation. In addition to the transportation of such assets, there is the issue of retaining the original cataloguing system at the new location.

Pickfords Business Solutions is specially trained in the packing, removal and re-cataloguing of delicate and valuable items. We use the latest techniques and specialist packing materials to ensure the safe transit of such collections.

We have a long history of moving libraries, archives and museum artefacts, including:

School, college and university relocations

Moving an education facility is a task that requires assessing the needs of hundreds or thousands of staff and students. Such relocations involve transporting a wide range of equipment, including classroom furniture, libraries and books, computer equipment in the classroom and offices, and sports equipment.

Pickfords has been relocating schools, colleges and universities for many years. Selected projects include:

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