Case Study: The European Banking Authority

Banking and Finance

The European Banking Authority is a regulatory agency. Its activities include conducting stress tests on European banks to increase transparency in the European financial system and identifying weaknesses in banks' capital structures.

Client Requirements

Prior to Brexit, the Authority was based in London, but following the referendum the European Commission was forced to move the  EBA’s headquarters to a major European city that operated within the boundaries of the EU.

Paris was chosen as its new Head Office location and after a thorough procurement process, Pickfords was selected to manage and undertake this important project.

EBA required a two phase move, to take place over two consecutive weekends:

  • Phase 1 to take place on a Saturday and concluding on the Sunday, consisting of the moving of conference furniture including 100 meeting tables, 400 stackable chairs, empty cabinets etc. from London to Paris.

  • Phase 2, was to take place the following Saturday, and again concluding on the Sunday. This would require the unplugging, labelling and placing in crates of desktop IT equipment, personal crates, task chairs, pedestals and cupboards of 265 staff from London; and then plugging, placing crates, task chairs, pedestals and cupboards according to the pre-agreed plans in Paris.


  • Due to a public holiday taking place in Paris during the relocation timeframe, driving restrictions were in place. This significantly reduced the time Pickfords had to complete the relocation. Pickfords arranged for large vehicles  and staff with  cross country haulage experience which meant  that the Project Management team  completed EBA’s requirement within the reduced timeframe, and also passed on cost savings to EBA as less vehicles were required for the project.

  • Height restrictions at the goods delivery entrance of the new office in Paris meant that artic lorries would not fit. Pickfords provided smaller vehicles onsite so that the goods could be transferred prior to entering the building.

  • Service lift at both sites also had time restrictions which had to be observed.


The services offered to EBA:

  • Two dedicated Move ‘Project’ Managers were on-site each day of the project

  • IT Technicians decommissioned and recommissioned all desktop IT equipment

  • Experienced Fitters carefully dismantled director desks, executive desks, meeting tables and shelving units required to be moved and rebuild once delivered to the new location

  • Provision of Vehicles both long haul and tranship to accommodate the volume of effects to be moved during each phase, plus established contingency measures for back-up vehicles where required

  • The majority of office furniture for the 265 staff would not be making the journey to Paris, so Pickfords ensured that the redundant office effects were either donated to local schools/charities or sold on via our network of resellers. All proceeds for sold items were used to fund the clearance project.


  • Pickfords helped local organisations and schools benefit in a positive way from EBA’s furniture donations.
  • EBA benefitted from cost savings due to allocation of larger vehicles for the move.
  • The move and clearance was completed on time and within budget ensuring the timeframe requested was adhered to.

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