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We’ll make sure all of you’re personal effects are delivered safely to Australia. We can ship everything from small parcels to whole house moves. So whether you’re sending a gift to a friend in Australia, or you’re emigrating and need a way to ship your furniture to Australia, we provide shipping solutions regardless of the size of your load.

Shipping baggage to Australia

Need to send baggage or luggage to Australia? We offer an excess baggage shipping service to customers who need to send unaccompanied bags to Australia. 

We will arrange for boxes to be delivered to your UK residence for you to pack if needed. We will then collect your items and forward them to the airfreight company or shipping line for onward transit.

We will also arrange for customs clearance and delivery to your chosen address in Australia.

Shipping a box or parcel to Australia

We can ship parcels to Australia as well as boxes. We've been shipping to Australia for a very long time so you can trust that we're experts in our field. If you have any questions about our shipping service then don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our experienced professionals.

Our international shipping service

If you’re shipping a box or a small number of items then we recommend you use our Shared Container service. If you’re looking to send a whole house then we recommend our Exclusive Container option.

  • Shared Container service: Personal and household effects will be sent in a shared shipping container and you will only be charged for the space your boxes or goods take up. This service takes longer than a direct service because there is a period of consolidation at our warehouse,  while we group your consignment with other Pickfords customers going to the same destination port.
  • Exclusive Container service: This is the recommended option if you're shipping a whole house load or wanting to ship a vehicle to Australia.

How to ship furniture to Australia

  • Step 1. Fill in our online quotation form. 
  • Step 2. We will contact you to ask some more details about your goods and supply you with your free quote. If you are moving a house or part house we will arrange a survey to view your goods to determine the volume which will influence the price of your move.
  • Step 3. We will arrive at your property and collect your items. If you’ve asked us to pack your items our teams will professionally pack them at this stage.
  • Step 4. We will transport your items to Australia via your chosen shipping method.
  • Step 5. We will arrange to clear your consignment through customers with our trusted agent in Australia.
  • Step 6. We will deliver your items to your chosen end destination.

How long will it take for my shipment to reach Australia?

The transit time for your Australian shipment depends on a number of factors, including the shipping service chosen and your destination. The below table outlines the approximate transit time in weeks:

   FCL          Groupage       
Australia - East Coast (Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane)   10-12   10 -14
Australia - West Coast (Fremantle) 9-11  9 -13

Please be aware that the transit time detailed is for guideline purposes only and may be subject to variation dependent upon prevailing market conditions, shipping line capacity and actual sailings. Your Move Manager will keep you updated following collection of your shipment.

Why choose Pickfords to ship your items to Australia

  • Experience. Pickfords has centuries worth of experience in the international moving sector. We use our unique expertise and knowledge of the industry to provide an outstanding service for our customers.
  • Shared service. Pickfords operates its own  groupage service which means we can provide cost effective shared services on a regular basis to all parts of Australia.
  • International network. We operate as part of a trusted and extensive international shipping network which allows us to move your items with consistent quality standards door to door.
  • Personal move manager. If you’re moving large items or furniture we will provide you with a personal move manager who will help plan your shipment and answer any questions you may have.
  • Accreditations. We are acclaimed and accredited by worldwide organisations for our UK international shipping solutions. We members of the British Association of Removers’ Overseas Group (BAR) and we are a FIDI Accredited International Mover –the most rigorous quality standard in the industry.
  •  Professional packing service. We have experienced, highly trained international packers to ensure that your shipment is packed correctly and protected throughout the journey.

How do we calculate our costs?

If you are sending baggage only and personal effects, there are three main factors that influence the overall cost of your shipment to Australia. These are the size of your shipment, the transport method and the location of your end destination in Australia.
If you are sending furniture via seafreight, the cost of your move is based on the volume of goods you are moving and the destination you are moving to. If you send to Australia using air freight, you can expect to pay considerably more as the bulk of your costs are calculated based on the weight of your items. However, air freight is a great option when you need to send a small load, quickly.

Another contributing factor to the cost of shipping to Australia is the distance that your goods are travelling and how they are delivered upon arrival in Australia.

Shipping your pet to Australia

We also offer pet shipping to Australia. All pets travelling to Australia, must enter the country via Melbourne and they will be required to quarantine for 10 days quarantine at Mickleham Quarantine Facility just outside Melbourne. Pets travelling to Australia need:
  • An IATA/Airline compliant sky kennel
  • A DEFRA Export Health Certificate
  • An Australian Import Permit
  • A confirmed booking at Mickleham Quarantine Facility
Get a quote for shipping your pet to Australia and our pet shipping experts will be in touch to guide you through every step of the process.
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