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We offer a uniquely tailored shipping service to get your items to Sweden. No matter the size of your load, we can get it there.

Why choose Pickfords to ship your items to Sweden?

Pickfords is the UK’s largest removal and storage company, and has been established in the international shipping industry since the 20th century. Over these many years, we have gained extremely unique experience and knowledge that enables us to provide our customers with an unbeatable service.

We are a part of an extensive international network which allows us to form reliable links with countries worldwide. We work very closely with our Swedish agents to ensure a successful shipment of your goods.

Our team in the UK are extremely professional and highly experienced in shipping to Sweden. They will be on-hand throughout the whole process to offer you their support and advice. If you have a large load to be shipped, you will be appointed a personal move manager who will take care of organising your shipment to Sweden.

Our international shipping service

This is how our, straight-forward shipping service works - all you have to do is fill out our online quote form and we’ll sort the rest:

  • Step 1. Fill in our online quote form. 
  • Step 2. Your goods you wish to be shipped, will be surveyed and you’ll receive your quote.
  • Step 3. Our crew will arrive at your property to collect and, if requested, pack up your goods.
  • Step 4. Your goods will be shipped to Sweden.
  • Step 5. Your goods will be customs cleared and delivered to your chosen destination, in Sweden.

How do we ship your items to Sweden?

Shipping to Sweden can be carried out via road freight or air freight.

  • Road freight is a very cost effective way of shipping your goods to Sweden, but it does take longer.
  • Air freight is more expensive, as the cost is calculated by the total weight of the load you are shipping. We recommend this option if you need to send small items to Sweden, quickly.

We offer two container options, when shipping to Sweden – a shared container or an exclusive container.

  • Shared container: We recommend this option when shipping smaller, personal items. The effects will be shipped to Sweden in a shared container, and you will only be charged for the space your goods take up.
  • Exclusive container: We recommend this option when shipping larger items, such as furniture or vehicles. The effects will be sent to Sweden in their own container, and you will be charged for the entire space in the container, whether you use it all up or not.

Sending baggage to Sweden

If you are looking to send baggage to Sweden – we can do that too. We will arrange for packing cartons to be dropped off at your UK location in advance of your scheduled shipment day. Once packed, we will collect the cartons and send them onward for transit. In Sweden, we will take care of customs clearance and will deliver the goods to their destination.

What can I ship to Sweden?

There are a number of restricted and prohibited items which you will need to consider when organising your shipment to Sweden. Please adhere to these to ensure your shipment runs as smoothly as possible. Sweden’s dutiable/restricted items consist of:
  • Medicines
  • Plants, fruit and vegetables.
  • New items that are less than 1 year old.
  • Alcohol and tobacco.
  • Wedding gifts and inherited items
  • Sweden’s prohibited items consist of:
  • Narcotics and drugs.
  • Wireless telephones.
  • Skins and ivory from animals of the endangered species list.
  • Switchblades.
This is not an extensive list. Please contact us for further details.

Can I ship my pet to Sweden?

Yes! We provide an extremely reliable pet shipping service to Sweden. Sweden has specific pet importation regulations, which you must be aware of. These include:
  • All animals are subject to quarantine regulations. The quarantine period takes approximately 4 months.
  • Permission from the Agricultural Department is required.
  • The owner must be present for customs clearance.

Required documents:

  • Vaccination record
  • Veterinary health certificate
Please contact us if you have any further questions.

Should I get international shipping insurance?

We offer our customers international, goods in transit insurance to ensure your goods are fully covered, in the unfortunate event of damages or loss. We aim for your shipment to Sweden to be as smooth as possible but recommend taking out our insurance to give you extra piece of mind and protection.

Contact us today if you have any queries about what our insurance policy has to offer.
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