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No matter whereabouts in Poland you want your goods to be shipped to, or how much you are looking send, we can help you. Our international shipping service is designed to be the straight-forward and efficient solution you need, to get your assets to Poland.

How does our international shipping service work?

We offer a comprehensive international shipping service, which is uniquely tailored to meet your requirements. This is how it works:
  • Step 1. Fill in our online quotation form. 
  • Step 2. We will arrange a survey if you're shipping furniture and supply you with your free quote.
  • Step 3. We will arrive at your property and collect your items. If you’ve asked us to pack your items our teams will professionally pack them at this stage.
  • Step 4. We will transport your items to Poland via your chosen shipping method.
  • Step 5. We will arrange for the customs clearance of your shipment and deliver your items to your chosen end destination.

Why choose Pickfords to ship your items to Poland?

  • We are the largest, most reputable removal and storage company in the UK.
  • We have been developing an extensive international network since the 20th century and, so, have a very strong, reliable relationship with our agents out in Poland.
  • We have developed extremely specific knowledge over our, nearly, 400 years in the industry. In doing so, we are able to provide our customers with a professional, high quality service, which is hard to top.
  • We regularly ship our customers assets to Poland, so we thoroughly understand our market.
  • There are no restrictions when it comes to volume! We offer a service which can cater for whatever you need to be shipped to Poland. This could be an entire household move including your pet and vehicle, or even just be a gift for your Polish relatives.
  • Our packing service will save you great amounts of time, and will ensure your goods reach Poland, safely and securely.
  • We have a very highly trained and experienced team who will be on hand, during the whole shipping process. They are extremely friendly and will offer their support and professional guidance to you, whenever necessary.

What can I ship to Poland?

Poland has various restricted and prohibited items, which you will need to ensure are not included in your consignment or must meet Polish importation regulations. Poland’s restricted items include:
  • Medications of personal use.
  • Plants.
  • Alcohol and tobacco.
Poland’s prohibited items include:
  • Food and fluids.
  • Chemicals.
  • Inflammable materials.
  • Toxic and radioactive materials.
  • Protected animal species.
Be aware that this is not an extensive list. Please contact your move manager if you have any queries.

Shipping your pet to Poland

Poland has strict regulations when it comes to shipping your pet there. You must ensure that they:
  • Are chipped or tattooed, if arriving from a non-EU country.
  • Have been issued a vaccination record at least 30 days prior to arrival.
  • Have been issued a anti-rabies vaccination record at least 30 days prior to arrival.
  • Are not a protected species.
  • Have a declaration of value, if arriving from a non-EU country.
  • Have been issued an international health certificate no more than 10 days prior to arrival.
Documents required:
  • Pet passport issued by a vet.
  • Copy of owners passport.
  • Anti-rabies vaccination.
  • Declaration of pet’s value.
  • Copy of owner of goods’ ticket as proof of residence.
  • International health certificate.
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