Broxbourne School


In 2021, the Broxbourne School planned to have a comprehensive redevelopment of its site in Hertfordshire. This would include a complete rebuild of the school itself and include new external amenity and sports facilities.

Client Requirements

The School required the full move management for the decommissioning, packing (including the provision of crates), transportation, reinstallation and recommissioning of equipment from seven of its old buildings into its new single site three-storey building.

This would involve the transfer of the entire contents of every department, which included its library, background scenery for the drama department, a grand piano, lab equipment and chemicals within a very tight deadline.


Contingencies were put in place by the Pickfords project team to ensure a continuation of works in the event of an un-expected delay. This contingency plan utilised Pickfords’ flexibility of resource meaning we could seamlessly continue working on another part of the relocation when this did occur.

There were several occasions when there was a delay caused by the construction company which meant the project team had to reschedule the transition plan.

An example of this was when a contractor on site had not completed their scope of works and this blocked a major access route for us. We simply reverted resources seamlessly to another area until access was again available, enabling the move to be completed on time.


Following detailed planning meetings with the School, Pickfords created a bespoke move schedule for the move that would allow the relocation to be carried out within the 10 days required by the School.

The School initially requested that the move plan should include day and night working. By organising the services differently, Pickfords proposed a plan so that only day shifts would be required, which ultimately reduced the costs of the project.

A labelling strategy was used to determine the order in which departments would move, to enable a seamless transition so that the operational team could work in unison with other contractors on-site.

Pickfords move managed the Project, liaising directly between the school and the builders on all move matters.

Along with its heavy machinery moving team, Pickfords deployed a team to move the crates; packing and unpacking them where required and worked closely with a specialist ADR Team to enable the safe transfer and unpacking of its chemicals.

During the moving of confidential records, all GDPR guidelines were followed as crates carrying them were securely sealed with 2 numbered security seals.

Pickfords also moved the drama and music departments which included the relocation of a Grand Piano. This large yet delicate item needed to be disassembled and reassembled because moving it in separate pieces to the new location was safer and protected the piano from damage. 

Pickfords supplied and delivered all resource necessary to provide protection to the equipment being moved, as well as the buildings; specifically walkways, lifts, stairwells, walls, doors, and access routes. 

Approach to health and safety in a 'live environment'

The health and safety of all staff, students, the public and our workers is always at the forefront of our mind.

All Pickfords staff allocated to this contract were fully aware of the site rules and complied with Broxbourne School’s ‘Employers Requirements’ and ‘Contractors Safety Code’ for working onsite (including Health & Safety, and COVID 19 regulations, alarms, fire precautions, entry and exit points from each site).


  • Move was carried out over 10 days, including weekends, and Good Friday to ensure School was ready for its required date.
  • Pickfords moved all departments set in the programme on time and within budget through diligent project management and regular communications with all stakeholders.
  • The critical deadline of the start of term time was achieved and all phases of the move completed to the Facilities Manager's satisfaction.


"The service from Pickfords was professional from the start. The assessment of the job required was accurate and based on vast experience. Over the period of the move the foreman, John, was most helpful and responsive and managed the complexity of the move efficiently and in a spirit of cooperation. The task was immense and the team worked alongside the school staff well. The job was completed on time. We are now settled and operating our wonderful new building."
 - Deputy Headteacher at The Broxbourne School, Keith Parris

View our video of the Broxbourne School move.

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