Pickfords moves NRSI

Case study: National Soil Resources Institute machinery relocation


Pickfords Business Solutions relocated specialist bespoke machinery and equipment for The National Soil Resources Institute and Cranfield University.


  • Relocation of specialist bespoke machinery and equipment, including large combine harvesters, historic tractors, quality and testing equipment, ex-Formula 1 cars and hydraulic ramps.
  • Relocation of one item too large for road transportation and too heavy for Chinook helicopter transportation.
  • Relocation of 30 tonnes of soil from a processor.
  • Sourcing of sand equivalent to Saharan sand.

Solution and result

Pickfords Business Solutions and Merrits Transport Services worked together to provide a turnkey solution for the specialist research department. One item initially too large for transportation was cut in half and re-assembled, re-welded and re-painted once installed in the new location.

Following arrangement of the PUWER Assessment Survey “Provision of Use of Workplace Equipment”, all equipment was updated and many pieces re-engineered to be compliant with the current regulations providing safe systems and safe places to work.

Pickfords Business Solutions supplied engineering and technical services to ensure all equipment transferred was safe once re-connected and that safe practices were employed when transporting the soil lane processor, weighing in excess of 5 tons and prior to moving had no access restrictions to the facility whilst operational now with adequate guarding, control gates and signs clearly providing a safe working area.

Ceri Dawson, the senior technical officer at Cranfield University, would recommend Pickfords Business Solutions for any large, complicated move requiring specialist knowledge.

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