Pickfords moves Ayrshire College

Case study: Ayrshire College building relocation


Ayrshire College of south-west Scotland recruited Pickfords Business Solutions to relocate 14,000 students and 800 staff from four college buildings into one central campus.


  • Relocation and unpacking of classroom and office materials, IT equipment and furniture
  • A complete move management service, including: pre-move planning, worship meetings, health and safety planning, risk management, contingency planning and labelling strategy
  • Provision of personal crates and boxes for staff
  • Removal of heavy machinery


Pickfords provided a bespoke relocation service to suit the College’s timeframe, carried out by our local branch in Glasgow. A robust move programme was put in place alongside activity controls and contingency measures to guarantee the completion of the project on time.

The move was overseen by a Pickfords Project Manager and his deputy Team Leader. The duo established operational processes and quality control activities to ensure compliance with the project aims, timescales and health and safety requirements.

The project team regularly reviewed project milestones and maintained close communication with College representatives throughout the relocation.


The primary challenge was the relocation of two-tonne lorry engines in wheeled frames. For safety reasons, these were placed on customised stands prior to transportation by specially-trained operatives.

The College was open to students during the first week of the move programme.  To mitigate any risks to students and staff, specialist access and egress measures were implemented and increased attention was given to the management of operational vehicles.


  • 24 crew members utilised over 13 days
  • 17 tonne tail lift vehicles
  • 7.5 tonne transit vans
  • Large scoots to transport heavy items
  • Pump trucks to transport palletised goods
  • Standard barrels and dollies


Pickfords went above and beyond Ayrshire College’s business and operational objectives, completing the project successfully two days ahead of schedule. This guaranteed the opening of the new campus in line with the College’s term dates.

Pickfords moves Ayrshire College
Pickfords moves Ayrshire College

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