Case study: Northampton county schools PFI - Relocation and refurbishment


Pickfords was contracted by Gailliford Try Construction to manage the move of 6 new primary schools, five new secondary schools and the refurbishment of 30 schools on behalf of Northampton City Council.

Gailliford’s main aim was to ensure the transition of the schools’ curricular. Pickfords Business Solutions managed the relocation of chemicals from the school laboratories using specialist ADR partner suppliers. Industrial partners were utilised for the transfer of engineering and design technology equipment from the existing school.

The length of the contract was just under three years, with the moving teams working in conjunction with the builders’ Master Programme, which took place at half terms and holidays. 

Phased moves

The average time per new secondary school move was ten working days with a complete new primary school taking two working days.  The refurbished primary school had up to 8 phases, enabling GaillifordTry to undertake the refurbishment project.

Receipt and distribution of new furniture

Pickfords managed the collection, storage, distribution and installation of new furniture and equipment. Legacy equipment was transferred to other schools and a delivery and installation programme was negotiated with furniture and equipment suppliers.

The tight schedule meant the installation of the furniture and equipment had to occur before the arrival of the curricular equipment to correspond with the service delivery dates.

Pickfords was chosen as a result of our experience within the education sector, a proven track record of quality and delivering excellent service levels. We also had a local branch in the Northampton, which meant all moving and storage resources were delivered locally.

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