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Carmarthenshire Archives primary focus is on the collection and preservation of its public archives whilst also making the collection to be accessible to the public. The collection occupies approximately 4km of shelving and includes documents dating back to the 12th century.

Client Requirements

The collection had been housed at three different repositories across Wales, and England, but the Council decided that it would relocate the entire collection to ‘Archifdy Sir Gar Archives’; a purpose-built building in St. Peters Square, Carmarthen.

Priorities for Carmarthenshire Archives were made very clear. All the appropriate insurances had to be in place. Every item in the collection was to be made safe from being lost or stolen. The location of every record was to be known at all times.

The archival integrity of the collection was to be preserved, and the records were to remain in the custody of Carmarthenshire Archives at all times. Protection from damage to all buildings was also essential. The deadline was critical as the move had to be completed within the four week timeframe given.


Pickfords’ move plan met all of the criteria specified, using local resources, from our Cardiff and Swansea offices.

An experienced Senior Project Move Manager was allocated and tasked with running the project on the ground, working alongside the client’s staff, and offering guidance on the packing and moving of unique items.

Each of the three locations had different access routes, some of which were complex or problematic. Therefore, each location required separate planning and methodology. Access routes into storage areas were not all under cover and therefore some contingency plans were needed for inclement weather.

The archive material being moved was unique, fragile, and vulnerable to handling and changes in the environment. Therefore careful handling and planning of the entire operation were crucial.

Bespoke packaging, alongside more standard resources such as crates and roll-cages, was utilised.



Careful planning during the entire operation ensured the collection was safe, and the project was delivered successfully, with all criteria being adhered to. Pickfords completed the project within the four week timeframe and Carmarthenshire Archives was open for service shortly after the move.

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