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Case study: Shetland Islands Council

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Shetland Islands Council required a removal company to relocate Anderson High School and the Janet Courtney Hall of Residence to new facilities within Lerwick.


  • Given the remote island location, the removal company would be required to make the 12 hour ferry journey to Shetland.
  • Desks, chairs, gym equipment and library resources required removal from the existing school site.
  • Further gym equipment, catering and administrative facilities required removal from the existing Hall of Residence.


  • Pickfords Business Solutions arranged several planning meetings with the Council and the High School to survey the buildings, fully understand the requirements and agree the move plan. 
  • Pickfords and the High School agreed that the library would be packed by facility and moved by Pickfords. All other equipment was fully packed and moved by Pickfords.
  • To minimise disruption to pupils and staff, a 10-day sequential move plan was agreed in line with the school timetable, including two weekends.
  • Forward planning ensured Pickfords had everything required for each day, overcoming the challenge of working on a remote island location. No additional journeys or provisions were required on top of what had already been planned.
  • A crew of 10 was assigned to the project, made up of a team leader, two drivers and seven porters.
  • The removal of several large kilns had to be planned separately. Specialist scoots were used to ensure their safe and efficient transportation to the new site.

Client feedback

    “Thank you for the outstanding job you did with the move of the Anderson High School in Lerwick, Shetland. I was very impressed by the effectiveness and professionalism shown by all employees working on the move and the staff from the school echoed this.”

    - Helen Budge, Director of Children's Services, Shetland Islands Council

Pickfords Shetland Council
Pickfords Shetland Council

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